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Mizzou Links....IT'S SEPTEMBER!!!

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 Bill C. Family Update

Needless to say, it was quite the day for the Bill C. clan.  Let's relive the magic, shall we?

So TigerBartender really had a great idea contained in the link above.  A few people have already showed tremendous generosity, so I wanted to make sure I brought this back to the front so folks could see it and participate if they so choose.  I believe the link is right here and I will leave this open for about another week or so and will plan to deliver what is collected before the W. Illinois game when next we are back to Como.


 Alright...on the with the news - Mizzou Football Links

Yesterday I commented that I dont have the fancy google reader like Bill C. does.  Just know that this took about an hour between last night and VERY early this morning.  That is not a plug for me to earn any accolades, but just think of the fact Bill C. does this EVERY DAY.  

Add this to the fact a best friend of mine stayed the night at my house last night on business.  There was some miscommunication, and he ended up sleeping in the bedroom which has our desktop....and all the rest of the work I was going to do this morning at 5am on the links.  Needless to say, our laptop 6-year old laptop betrayed me this morning, so this set of links is regrettably shorter and later.  My apologies for both.  Feel free to add what else you find and I will try to tack on as the morning goes.

  • General Football Goodness
    The Trib: TJ Moe....NOT SATISFIED

    Last year, Moe fixated on a dropped pass against Illinois in 2009, his first college game, and parlayed that focus into the sixth 1,000-yard season by a Missouri receiver. This year, his mind goes back to the desert.

    "That was the last pass of the season, the last offensive play," he said. "You’ve got to have some kind of motivation during the offseason. … You can’t harp too much on it. You don’t want to make it a negative thing."

    He hasn’t. Back at the slot position that produced Missouri All-Americans in Jeremy Maclin and Danario Alexander, Moe is set for an encore that coaches expect to surpass last year’s breakthrough. Offensive coordinator David Yost raved about Moe’s improvement as a route runner and expects a more polished performance from the junior.

    "He plays at his speed and at his quickness as well as any guy we’ve ever had at a consistent basis," Yost said.


    The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers (Miami, OH)...the webcast
    Missourian: Sheldon Richardson is happy

    PowerMizzou: Powered Up
    KC Star: Lose Aldon Smith?  No problem

 Other Football Links

  • Riding the Pine More arrests coming at LSU
    College Football Talk: Horns Lose LB Cobbs for season
  • Eco-Kat's Got 'Em Rolling in the Aisles...or at least STILL has us rolling in the aisles
    KC Star: Hall of Shame
  • Other Stuff
    ESPN: OU to rotate "12" to honor Box
    ESPN: UCONN game delayed by storm fall-out


 Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Some on Haith...some on recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Recruiting Weekend coming up
    The Trib: Walljasper says MU owes NCAA nothing
    The Trib: Non-Con basketball games to look forward to (MU mentioned)

 Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball Former All-American sets the table
    The Missourian: Young team preps for road test
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Tigers help in the community
  • Mizzou Athletics
    KC Star: Tigers to launch network
  • Mizzou Softball Tremendous Stubble signs 7-year extension


  • Dallas Morning News: Troy Aikman vs. Skip Bayless?
    KC Star: Top Honor for Columbia College Coach (as an aside, I did some work in a previous life with Coach Burchard and he was nothing but class.  Congrats to him on this!)