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Week 3 BlogPoll: Tide Roll to the Top Spot

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Not a lot of movement at this point; the fluctuations I was expecting aren't there except at the top. 

Yes, our Tigers fell out, even though it was an overtime loss on the road. I've been iffy about them being in the top 25 at all, and figured they would either be out after this game or if they lost to OU in a couple of weeks.

Stasis is the norm right now. With most teams still in the yummy baked goods portion of the schedule, with lots of MAC-tion, WAC-tion and some sun baked Sun Belt love, it isn't as easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Yet.

Game to watch this weekend: Oklahoma vs. Florida State.

As teams are starting to move into conference play and the competition gets tougher, the question for the community: When should resume trump potential? At what point should your actual record count more than your potential as a team? After week 3 or after next week?