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Mizzou Links, 9-12-11

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Your No. 2 RB? (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Your No. 2 RB? (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Football Links

Here's to hoping the safety-to-cornerback issues really were just a one-time-only thing. Mizzou's pass coverage did improve slightly as the second half wore on (aside from the trick play to Pflugrad).

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook

    T.J. Moe joked after the game that he'd be willing to play tailback now that MU is without three of its five scholarship backs. I doubt he'll line up in the backfield against Western Illinois, but you might see him get more carries on jet sweeps or reverses. With De'Vion Moore and Kendial Lawrence out another 3-4 weeks, MU can absolutely not afford an injury to Henry Josey. I wouldn't be surprised to see walk-on Jared Culver get some touches against the Leathernecks. He's quick for his size and can muscle his way for some yards, especially against an FCS defense.

    ● Safety Kenji Jackson tried explaining MU's early problems with its Cover 2 defense against the pass, saying the secondary was trying to disguise its coverages before the snap. Somehow there was a disconnect between the corner jamming his receiver at the line and the safety shifting over to cover the deep zone. "After that mishap we got out of our disguise mode and stayed in our two-shell and we stayed on top of our receivers," Jackson said.

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): T.J. Moe may not have been kidding about playing some RB at MU

Other Football Links

In terms of projections, KU and ISU were among the country's more overachieving programs this week, especially Iowa State. Oklahoma State was, too, but i was relatively wary of that low projection. Meanwhile, Mizzou and Texas finished their games right at where they were projected. In other words, it was a pretty good week for the Big 12.


I saw the Bill Self headline below and started to roll my eyes at what I assumed was a relatively generic rant, but ... he actually makes a really strong, straight-forward case. Well done to him. Won't change anything, but well done.

  • Orangebloods: Big 12 in salvage mode as OU contemplates future
  • Bill Self says realignment is hypocritical

    "It's hypocritical to think that APR is so important. They're going to start pulling teams out of postseason competition if their APRs aren't certain rates. And there's a direct correlation between making good grades and going to class. And now they’re putting kids in a position where they’re going to miss more class than what they’re already required to miss...

    "It's nervous times because the way we know college athletics could change in a real short period of time. It started last year, and then the Big 12 kind of held it together. But this situation could lead to expansion to other leagues, which leads to breakups not only potentially in our league, but the breakups in other leagues because other leagues are going to poach guys out of that league. It's going to be a different time moving forward, and we try to hope like heck we can stay status quo in some respects because I don't see how this benefits the masses at all...

    "Let’s call it like it is. The NCAA, the presidents, the organization itself, has every rule change, everything involved based on graduation rate, based on the APR, based on providing more educational opportunities, based on the support services. If you want to play big-time college athletics, there's certain things that schools have to do for the student-athlete. That's all good. But now you have obviously a situation where it begs the thought of hypocrisy in that, 'We want this, we say this, and the rules apply to everybody else, but do they really apply to me?"

  • Daily Oklahoman: SEC official expects Texas A&M will be cleared; Expanded Pac-12 might not use division scheduling model
  • Daily Oklahoman: Fingers point toward Texas for this Big 12 mess

Mizzou Basketball Links

It is 14 months before Tyrek Coger can sign with Mizzou, and methinks things will change a few more times between now and then.

Mizzou Volleyball Links

Mizzou isn't quite as dominant now as they were a couple of weeks ago, but it's hard to complain too much about an 11-2 record.

  • Mizzou 3, Drake 1 Volleyball Tops Drake, 3-1
  • Mizzou 3, UTSA 2 Volleyball Holds Off UTSA Rally, Wins 3-2
  • UC-Davis 3, Mizzou 1 Volleyball Falls to UC-Davis, 3-1
  • Mizzou 3, Denver 0 Tigers Sweep Denver to Conclude Classic

Mizzou Soccer Links

Bryan Blitz's Tigers are SMOKING hot right now...

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Cross-Country
    The Missourian: Missouri teams place second at Missouri Cross Country Challenge Storms Takes First at Missouri Cross Country Challenge