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Rock M Roundtable!

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1. Did Missouri's loss to Arizona State last Friday night in any way impact your view of how the rest of the season may unfold?

2. What are the percentage chances that the Big 12 survives at this point? Do you think Oklahoma is bluffing, or are they really going to end up in the Pac-XX conference?

3. So what do you think:
did Kimmie shoot the three, or did he pass to Leo?

4. So Twitter is abuzz this morning because the National Enquirer is reporting that
Sarah Palin and Glen Rice hooked up 20+ years ago during the Great Alaska Shootout. Name a more random historical pairing than that, and name the year in which this historical pairing would have, um, engaged. (Note: one of the two in the pair must be a sports figure.)

The Beef: 1. It only changed it if there were more injuries which end up coming from it.  I think Franklin’s growth (from a purely statistical standpoint) from game 1 to game 2 was likely a bit of an outlier (meaning he will regress to the mean a bit this week…and Bill just soiled himself because I just used that phrase), but I obviously liked what I saw.  I don’t think I (or many Mizzou fans) gave ASU enough credit, but that is a pretty solid team, which if it stays out of its own way in the Pac-12 could probably do some things.  But if this team can really get healthy by Oct. 8th to really start the Big XII season, I still think this can be a solid team.

2. I am down to probably about 20% on the Big XII.  The only thing sustaining that at this point is 10% because OU is evidently not unanimous on moving and 10% because Larry Scott has said they PREFER not to expand (which of course all news outlets ran with Friday night and said they were NOT going to expand)

3. I am guessing he shot the three, but jumped to the side.

4. Wow…I read Glen Rice SOMEHOW has Glenn Beck and it made total sense in my head.  I am going to guess the ESPY’s has led to most of these types of engagements over the past 10-15 years.

Bill C.: 1. It's not nice to make me soil myself at work, Beef.

(My answer: my expectations haven't really changed, but I'm a bit more hopeful. Last year, Missouri was solid on standard downs and iffy-at-best on passing downs. Last Friday, they found a potentially great passing downs weapon in Marcus Lucas. If the injured players actually get well sometime soon -- Travis Ruth, Jerrell Jackson, Kendial Lawrence, De'Vion Moore -- then Mizzou should once again have the 'efficiency' thing down pretty well. Add that to some decent passing downs results, and ... voila! Good offense. I'll not mention the defense here, so as to stay optimistic.)

2. I'm holding on at 30%, simply so that I don't feel stupid if it somehow, against all odds, survives again. I can pretend I knew it all along.

3. Dammit, Beef stole my answer.

4. I'll say George Steinbrenner and Uhura from Star Trek, 1977.

Michael Atchison: 1. It caused me to believe the team might not go undefeated. I’d like to see the team get relatively healthy before making serious judgments. I will say that I was surprised and concerned by the lack of pass rush. I know Jacquies wasn’t there, but a lot of other guys were. If they don’t get better pressure on the quarterback, the secondary is going to have a hard time.

2. I’m done guessing. I just have nothing to go on anymore. Sure looks bleak, though.

3. He passed to DeMarre, just out of the picture.

4. Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, 1984.

Doug: 1 - I can't say I've really thought too much about how MU's season would unfold before the ASU game, so I can't say how it will unfold from now on. That said, I did kind of expect MU to drop the ASU game, especially without Gabbert.

2 - I'll put the survival percentage at less than 25%. With two big football schools in Texas and Oklahoma, the conference could basically cash any football TV contract it wanted (of course, that power was greater with Nebraska and A&M, but why quibble?). No matter what happens now, Texas gets paid (thanks ESPN!) and I doubt very much they give a crap about everyone else, rivalries and geographic proximity be damned. Actually, I'm changing it to 15%. We're dead.

3 - When Leo Lyons was there? What kind of question is that? Of course he shot the three.

4 - Muammar Gaddafi spent a single night of passion with Billie Jean King during her barn-storming pro tennis tour through the Mediterranean.

The Beef: I always thought her knee replacement had nothing to do with tennis….

Bill C.: Hey Doug, you might want to click on the link I provided to understand Q3. Your answer is still correct, though.

Doug: I clicked on the picture, it was fantastic.  But, yes, my answer stands with or without looking at the photo.

At this point, ZouDave attempts to hijack the roundtable with his own roundtable. A hostile takeover, if you will.

ZouDave: I’m guessing Bill is some combo of too busy with new job/too busy with child/too unaware of a calendar to know what day it is anymore.  I may have to take a class on asking better questions, but for now…

1 – Given the lack of health of our running backs, what would your gameplan be with Josey until we get Moore and/or Lawrence back?

2 – With 17% of the season played, how convinced are you that you’ve seen most of what your team will be for 2011?  Is any facet of the game going to get significantly better/worse as the season goes along?  Have your expectations changed?

3 – I’d love to avoid asking a question about conferences, but I don’t know that we can.  A week ago it was asked what the next thing to happen would be and the majority answer was "A&M will officially be gone."  That hasn’t happened yet, but the OU/OSU departure now seems MORE imminent and we’ve heard Texas may go to ACC.  So…just give us any thoughts you have about this I guess, including how sick you are of talking about it.

4 – We need a pop-culture type discussion.  What movies are slated for release between now and next summer that are on your list of "must see in theaters"?

The Beef: Seriously?

ZouDave: What?

The Beef: I am guessing you have not seen all the other emails this morning?

ZouDave: Lol….why no, no I have not.  I just assumed Bill forgot again!

The Beef: Hey IT guy…you may want to check your email inbox

ZouDave: You die now.

The Beef: Oh so you get MY emails, but not the half dozen from everyone else?

Bill C.: Seriously, I understand why you would assume incompetence on my part, but jeez...

ZouDave: It’s weird, I’m getting responses to the email I sent out but there are no signs of any others.

I wasn’t assuming "incompetence", just assuming "saturation".

I’ll have to go scouring the inbound servers for other messages.  Nothing in my spam folders yet.  Oh well…continue on as if nothing happened!

The Beef: [ZouDave's Redacted Place of Employment] ladies and gentlemen.  Come here and you may get 40% of your emails…

ZouDave: boooooo

(10 minutes later...)

ZouDave: HA!  In your faces, I found them.  Note the "suspicious URL" that our spam filter applied.  It’s not like we use some random, in-house spam filter either.  The Barracuda Networks, I’m guessing, didn’t like the National Enquirer link.

1 – Not really, I already had us losing for sure at OU and knew we were staring 50/50 games in the face in College Station and Waco.  I still think all of our home games are winnable, and I still like our chances at Arrowhead.  To me, the season starts in Manhattan on October 8.  We should be 2-2 going into that game, and we need to find a way to go 6-2 after that.  Win the 4 home games, win at Manhattan, win at Arrowhead, and we’ll have a consecutive streak of 3 QBs that all go 8-4 in the first year as a starter (as a true soph, no less).  9-3 would have been great, but a 9-3 Mizzou team and a 8-4 Mizzou team is likely going to the exact same bowl game.

2 – 0% chance it survives, but it might be together one more year.

3 – I think he drove in, went straight up and shot a mid-range jumper.  Right?  RIGHT?!

4 – Jesse Owens and Amelia Earhart in 1936.

Doug: Here's a question since we're knee-deep in realignment chatter again.  Obviously, Oklahoma State feels like it has a free trip anywhere Oklahoma goes, and much the same is rumored for Texas and Texas Tech.

Those schools have the state ties to work as a package deal  But, could you see a plausible scenario where Missouri and Kansas link arms as a package deal and try to work together enough to wind up in a conference together?  Either the Pac, B1G, ACC or Big East?

I don't know if Kansas would be allowed to abandon K-State, but the power of KU and MU together is much greater than those two separately or either one combined with K-State.

Michael Atchison: I very much like the idea of Kansas and Missouri together, and I think there ought to be real value in that relationship to a prospective conference, but I don’t think together they have the same sort of "take us both or don’t take us at all" power that Oklahoma and Texas wield.

The Beef: Can I see a scenario in which kU and MU end up in the same conference?  Sure

Will it happen because they purposefully WANT it to happen?  I just don’t think so.

At this point, I think most people feel the SEC is MU’s preferred (of the realistic) destination.  Now, could they potentially end up in the Pac, ACC or Big East together?  Sure, it is very possible. But one thing I believe I know is that the BIG is not going to be impressed or coerced into taking anyone they don’t want when they don’t potentially want them.  Honestly, a MU/kU/kSU alignment does not light my pants on fire if I am the BIG, considering they barely seem interested in the school (MU) they were supposedly somewhat interested in last year.  And hanging out for that deal to happen (since I am very much convinced the BIG will not be acting in this current go-round for 2011-2012 or even 2012-2013) is just not smart.

SleepyFloyd7: Morning Gents,

1 - Well yes, it effects my outlook in the same way that a choose-your-own-adventure story changes depending on the binary option at the bottom of the page. The injuries are very concerning, as was the lack of effectiveness of the Defense for the first 3 quarters. But James Franklin's performance, and that of Henry Josey and the O-Line almost balance out those concerns.

2 - I have been hovering at around 5% for the past 3 weeks or so. The giant meteor of realignment is hurtling towards Planet Bevo and Co. There is still a minuscule chance that Super Dodds and his youthful ward The Beebe could swoop in and knock the meteor slightly off it's trajectory. The only casualty would be College Station, and the wounded planet might have a chance to survive.

I'm pulling for the meteor at this point.

3 - I tend to believe he shot the 3.

4 - Picabo Street and the late Senator Paul Simon.

ghtd36: The answer, of course, is Mos Def and ZouDave's sister.

Doug: Guess it's time to move out of the neighborhood.

D-Sing: 1. Not really. While I've never been on the ASU bandwagon, I didn't have this down as a win anyway. I expected us to be 2-2 heading into the bye week, and so far, nothing has changed on the field. Now granted, I didn't think we'd be a M*A*S*H unit at this point of the season, either.

2. Zero percent chance of survival. I won't rehash the reasons why I think that.

3. Kimmie shot the three.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt and Babe Ruth circa 1933.

This might be the limit of my appearance this week, as I am sick as a dog and I have a four-year old who is home with pink eye, strep and a double ear infection.

Michael Atchison: Holy smokes, that sounds like the plot to the new Steven Soderbergh flick. Get well.