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Mizzou Links, 9-15-11

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Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Fun links today. Lots of good stuff.


The good Doc Saturday does a nice job of describing how we got here. It's always funny to look back on how change has always been constant and always been slow.

  • Dr. Saturday: Brace yourself for expansion and the 'super conference,' just like the good old days
  • (Michael Rosenberg): Texas, Oklahoma, everyone loses if realignment blows up Big 12
  • Post-Dispatch: MU's Deaton discusses OU, future of Big 12
  • Frank the Tank: ACC, It's Easy as 1,2,3 Hundred Million for Texas
  • Post-Dispatch: If Big 12 implodes, what is best for Mizzou?
  • Cardiac Hill: A Letter to the Jayhawks, Wildcats and Tigers
  • Team Speed Kills: A Very Brief History of Major Football Conferences With More Than 12 Members

Mizzou Football Links

The "small wonder" Trib article below will make you really like Jared Culver.

Well I'm still a #Cowboy! back on the prac squad for now. I've got the best twit/facebook fam out there!! Thanks for all yer support!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

  • PPV Mizzou/WIU Pay-Per-View Information

    Mizzou’s home football game vs. Western Illinois on Saturday, Sept. 17 will be telecast via pay-per-view on participating video providers.  Kickoff for the contest is scheduled for 6 p.m. CT.

    Information about how to purchase the telecast, including a current list of confirmed participating video providers, is attached.  Updates will be posted on and as they become available.

    The game will be available in High Definition on participating providers. Suggested price for residential purchase is $39.95.  The telecast will be available on a specially designated pay-per-view channel and will not preempt FOX Sports Midwest’s regularly scheduled programming.

  • Running Backs
    The Trib: Tigers seek muscle to back up small wonder
  • Receivers
    KC Star: MU's sultan of swagger: Mighty Moe
  • Tight Ends
    We Are Mizzou: VIDEO: Mizzou Tight Ends
  • Linebackers
    The Missourian: Andrew Wilson's versatility helps Missouri
  • NFL
    We Are Mizzou: VIDEO: Tigers in the NFL
  • PowerMizzou: MAILBAG
  • The Trib: Behind the Stripes Webcast: MU vs. Arizona State

*Cough Cough* Rock M Power Hour

Just sayin'.

  • The Missourian: Mizzou Network to launch in December to showcase MU athletics

    Dubbed the Mizzou Network, it will not be a traditional 24-hour channel. Instead, it will provide mostly on-demand content, according to Andrew Grinch, associate athletics director for strategic communications. Grinch compared the on-demand style to Netflix and other video providers on the Internet.

    Access to the network will be mostly free, but there will be a charge for premium content, which Grinch said could include live streaming of sporting events.

    "Defining premium content, right now, it’s a little premature to do that," Grinch said. "I would say that something like live events would probably fall in that bucket."

    He said that had the network been launched already, the department would have "looked long and hard" at putting the Missouri football team’s upcoming game against Western Illinois on the network, rather than on pay-per-view. He also said there is a possibility to stream a basketball game live in the future.

    Grinch stressed that the network’s programming isn’t fully determined and that the plan is for the network to evolve. Grinch listed possibilities for programming, including coach and player interviews, game highlights, footage from practices and features on coaches, players and teams.

Joplin Relief

  • One State, One Spirit ESPNU to Televise One State, One Spirit Classic
  • Baseball VIDEO: Jamieson Talks About Joplin Relief

Mizzou Basketball Links

Frank Haith has already been tried and either exonerated or convicted by public perception, and nothing he can say is going to change that, but he was certainly as firm as he's allowed to be below, and that's good to see, I guess.

  • A Firm Denial
    The Trib: Haith: 'I did nothing wrong at the University of Miami'

    "I did nothing wrong at the University of Miami with our program," Haith said.

    Haith declined to discuss his relationship with Shapiro or whether he has been interviewed by the NCAA, citing a gag order from college sports’ governing body. [...]

    "It’s difficult. It is very difficult," he said. "The thing is, this process, it can’t be tried in the media. That’s what the NCAA doesn’t want. But it is very difficult because you have many articles that are written about you and that are challenging your character, and you can’t defend yourself."

Other Mizzou Links

Hmm, surprised they went with "Former MU volleyball player" to describe Lindsey Hunter below, and not "Former RPT broadcast partner."

  • Askren
    The Trib: Talks for Askren fight at Hearnes hit a snag
  • Mizzou Volleyball
    The Missourian: Former MU volleyball player takes new position on team as assistant coach Tigers Close Nonconference at American
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Recruits pick colleges before high school
  • Mizzou Gymnastics / Golden Girls Golden Girls Practice Facility Preview


I've been developing a thing for bourbon over the last few months ... not sure why.

    Fangraphs: Narratives From Formulas
  • Booze
    Serious Eats: 5 Bourbon Cocktails We Love
  • This Sounds Hard
    The Atlantic: How Will Shortz Edits a New York Times Crossword Puzzle