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Week 4 BlogPoll presented by Samsung: Clean up top, a muddle in the lower middle

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We take a brief respite from MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA to bring you this week's BlogPoll (now sponsored!).

Initial impressions:

LSU and Alabama's defenses are really, really good.

Oklahoma showed a lot of fortitude in Tallahassee.

The lower ten in the top 25 caused me all kinds of headaches. Poll below and as usual, a couple of thoughts after the jump.

* I already cannot wait for the matchup between LSU and Alabama this season on November 5. LSU has a dangerous trip to Morgantown this weekend and still have to host Florida, and the Tide has to host Arkansas this weekend and travel to Florida the week after that. But if they are both undefeated for that game it will be a classic.

* I admit that after the top 15, it feels viscerally like a bit of a hot mess. Some of it are my own biases cropping up (are Florida and Texas really top 25 worthy yet? Is Michigan? Is Baylor?) and some of it is the feeling that there isn't a lot of separation between some of these teams yet. The only clear cut decision I felt comfortable making was to make sure that TCU was behind Baylor because of head-to-head. TCU might be the better team, but tie goes to the winner. At least I've established that rule.

I'm working on a chart (my excel skills are nowhere near Bill C.'s) so I can start refining the poll more based on resume than potential. This is my first time doing this, so it's a learning process for me.