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Mizzou Links, 9-21-11

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Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

My goodness. I never know what I'm going to find when I wake up in the morning. After bathing the kid and getting ready for bed, I weighed whether or not to reopen the laptop and work ahead for today's links post a bit. I usually do. This would have been right at about 10pm last night. I decided not to. If I had ... I probably would have been up past midnight.

So the MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011 saga took an odd twist last night with the Pac-12 announcing it was not expanding, rendering moot a few things I said on Twitter last night AND about half a podcast I recorded with Blatant Homerism at 7pm. 7pm! That's how fast things move. Ridiculous. While we sort out what we know and don't know, however, let's create yet another non-realignment oasis. Below are links pertaining only to MIZZOU and not EXPANSIONAPALOOZA. Granted, there aren't many...

Mizzou Football Links

Never change, Jerrell Jackson. Just back it up.

  • Oklahoma
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Pinkel on Oklahoma
    Daily Oklahoman: Bob Stoops downplays revenge factor vs. Missouri
    Crimson & Cream Machine: Sooners WR Trey Franks suspended indefinitely
  • Oh, Jerrell
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Coming soon to an OU bulletin board: Jerrell Jackson

    Yesterday, Jerrell Jackson might have saved the Sooners the trouble of exploring their creative writing talents. Asked about Oklahoma being tough to beat in Norman, Jackson offered this gem:

    "I don’t know what makes them tough," he said. "They’re ain’t nothing tough about them to me. Just watching film, I’m just going to attack them like I attack every other opponent."

    Another reporter quickly noted the co-captain’s words would soon surface on the Internet.

    "I know, I know," Jackson said.

    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Jerrell Jackson
  • Great Story
    The Missourian: Missouri tailback Jared Culver defies norm on and off field
  • Last Week Was Still Awesome
    PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
    We Are Mizzou: Special Teams Play of the Week
  • TICKETS! Who needs TICKETS? Oklahoma State GA Tickets Now on Sale
  • The Gabbert Era Begins
    Big Cat Country: Report: Blaine Gabbert will start on Sunday

    While Jack Del Rio played coy on his radio show about the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback position, after Luke McCown threw his fourth interception on Sunday against the New York Jets and was pulled in favor of Gabbert, it was done. The Panthers are a good team for Gabbert to make his debut against, as the team should be able to give a heavy dose of Maurice Jones-Drew and allow the rookie to ease into it. It will also give a nice Blaine Gabbert vs. Cam Newton look, especially since there was so much debate about how the top quarterback was entering the draft.

    Big Cat Country: "What If?" ...No More

Other Football Links

  • Pre-Snap Read: Ten New Commandments for 2011

    Thou shalt not commit turnovers in the red zone This one’s for Notre Dame, which had at least 500 yards of total offense and five turnovers in each of its first two games. Both ended in defeat, not surprisingly. It seemed like the Irish were headed in the same direction against Michigan State on Saturday, committing two early turnovers, but Brian Kelly buttoned things up over the final three quarters. The end result? Maybe the offense was quite as prolific; maybe the Irish were a little less exciting; maybe there weren’t many beauty points. Kelly doesn’t care: the Irish are in the win column.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Any takers?

  • Mizzou Basketball To Host Walk-On Tryouts Oct. 3-4

Other Mizzou Links

You don't have to wait until Saturday night watching a Mizzou team on national television: Mizzou Volleyball takes on Iowa State tonight on ESPNU!

  • Mizzou Volleyball Tigers Talk About Iowa State
    The Missourian: Missouri prepares for nationally-televised road test VolleyZou Video: Behind the Scenes
  • Mizzou Women's Golf Mizzou Women's Golf Finishes Third in Louisville