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Rock M Roundtable!

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1 - Alright, let's pretend for a moment that last night's news -- the Pac-12 isn't expanding, and the Big 12 is probably sticking together -- doesn't do a complete 180-degree turn between start and end of roundtable. Is this a positive development?

2 - So um, there's a pretty big game this weekend. What percentage chance do you give Missouri for ending Oklahoma's long, conference home winning streak?

3 - Does Oklahoma State win at College Station this weekend?

4 - The new television season begins anew! Which new show has you the most intrigued?

Doug: 1 - The fact the Pac 12 isn't expanding is a big positive for the immediate future of the of the Big 12. When you look at potential candidates for the Pac 12 to pick up in the western half of the US, they've already grabbed the one good candidate and the one iffy candidate in Colorado and Utah. The rest of the colleges in the west are too dreadful (UNM), too academically awful (Boise State), and just a terrible fit (BYU) for the Pac 12. If that conference is going to expand it'll have to come into the central timezone.

That said, the rumors are circulating that Oklahoma and Texas are going to get together and pledge a 5 year commitment to the Big 12. Which is crap. It should be the other 7 members that put a huge monetary penalty in place, and really hold those two schools to the fire. This is going to happen again, and the last thing this conference needs, besides another feckless commissioner, is the two major football schools making moon eyes at another conference at the drop of a hat.

2 - It's in Norman? 3%.

3 - I kind of wish T. Boone Pickens would buy College Station and raze it.

4 - Person of Interest on CBS has my interest piqued. It looks like any interesting concept, plus Natalie Zea from Justified is on the first episode. Count me in! I guess I should pick something ABC, huh? Revenge looks interesting, and perhaps Once Upon a Time (but it also looks very confusing from what I've seen). NBC doesn't really have anything that appeals to me. And, Terra Nova on Fox looks like a trip, I'll just have to figure out if my DVR can handle the work load on Monday nights.

The big question is, do I really want to get invested in a bunch of new shows, knowing full well 75 to 90% will be gone before the end of November? It's not like I'm doing anything else with my life.

Michael Atchison: I’m not going to be around much today, so let’s make these four answers count!

1. I’m in the minority, I’m sure, but I think it is a positive development AS LONG AS there’s some equitable agreement among the Big 12 schools that fosters stability. What the Pac-12 did was to indicate that we’re not on an inevitable short-term race to super conferences, and I think that’s a good thing. All the realignment talk has turned the whole world on its head. We were on our way to having major academic institutions, most of them with regional (as well as national) missions, making huge decisions based entirely on putting together a television schedule on a dozen Saturdays a year. If all you care about is the TV schedule, that might seem great, but if you care about other things, it’s horrifying.

2. I’d put it at 10%. Last Saturday’s game was so detached from the reality of major college football that it’s hard to know what progress (if any) the team has made. And OU has already shown that they’re awfully good, and they’ve done it away from home. In Norman, they should be scary.

3. That’s a tough one. I think OSU is better than A&M, but I don’t know if they’re enough better to overcome home field. I’ll take the Pokes by two, but I’m not confident about it.

4. This is where I crash. Mrs. Atchison and I have vowed to watch something this season. That in and of itself seems like a positive development. I’m going to go with something on NBC on Thursday night.

The Beef: It is going to depend upon who you ask, but I am guessing a solid percentage of the internet masses will somehow make this into Deaton and Alden’s fault.  I am guessing people will say we still have the chance to go to the SEC and a faction of that group will say we should go.  I just don’t see that happening due to the prohibitive nature of the exit fees.  Deaton being the head of the Big XII presidents wont have anything to do with it, but it will seem like it and that is enough for the unsilent minority.

10% works for me, though really I think it is even lower than that, having little to do with the performance of our team.  I am looking for Franklin not to be too shook up by the atmosphere.  I would consider that a positive in the end.

I think they do actually.

Doug mentioned the CBS show that has me intrigued.  The wife and I are supposedly going to give the Playboy Club a shot.  And I am curious to see how Ted Danson is on CSI.

ZouDave: I promise no attempted coups this week!

1 – Ultimately positive, yes.  But much like you said in your links section this morning, some of the major reasons it’s positive have nothing really at all to do with the products on the field or anything else all that tangible.  It would just be nice to know where we’re going to be next year (because I still have doubts the Big XII survives long-term…the ACC is already making its move up to 14, the other conferences can’t be far behind and we’ve proven vulnerable) and it would be extremely fun to get to know a bunch of new schools/fans.  I’ve grown tired of Iowa State, I don’t care about Baylor or Texas Tech, I enjoyed playing aTm and they’re gone after this year, and Unholy Alliance not-withstanding I don’t see KSU as all that interesting either.  So basically in the conference I love to hate kansas, OU and UT.  And considering our success against the latter two, well…it really would be a welcome move at this point.

But, also like you said, Missouri is doing fine in the Big XII so it’s not like a move is required.  This isn’t actually the Titanic no matter how much people want to make that comparison.  The ship is still afloat, and the only ones with the tools to truly sink it are still sitting safely on board.  It’s the dysfunction of the remaining passengers that gives me the most concern.

2 – Probably at best 25%.  Oklahoma is (annually) a very, very good football team.  I’m not sure what the weight of each ingredient was in last year’s stew of perfection that allowed us to beat OU, but basically none of those ingredients are the same this year.  OU doesn’t lose at home, Bob Stoops doesn’t lose at home, and about the best we can hope for in comparing talent is to break even.  It’s possible to beat them, but it will take perfection and a little help.

3 – Well we all know which team is more talented, but I do think OSU wins at College Station.  Truth be told, I think Mizzou has probably a 5x better chance of beating Texas this year than OSU.

4 – I don’t really have any new shows on my radar.  I’m looking forward to Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community and X Factor (yes, I’m a Simon Cowell disciple) but I’ll probably wait until around December to see which shows are proving to be good and then catch up on the episodes online.  Oooh, also looking forward to more Archer.  My God, that show is hilarious.

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - I tend to think that this diseased beast needs to be euthanized, and any delay in that result is bad news. I don't foresee this conference magically becoming the kind of place from which "Universities with Options" don't want to flee. The conferences that work give those Universities compelling reasons to stay - to work together to make the conference stronger. I don't see the Big12 becoming that.

2 - I give Mizzou about a 15% chance of winning down there. They will have to play their best football of the year. OU did go ALL-IN last week on the road, and could be due for a let-down. I just think that there is a 85% chance that won't happen.

3 - I'll take the Aggies - C-Mike the MotorBike goes for over 200 yards rushing and 3 TD.

4 - I don't watch new shows. I am too busy reading everything that BillC types.

ghtd36: Morning, all.

1 - I think it's a band-aid on a shotgun wound. Everyone has already made their intentions clear -- to get away from Texas, basically -- and in the end, that's what they'll do. The Big XII sticking together with 9 (or 10 or 12 or 14) is only a stay of execution, not a permanent fix.

2 - Approximately 1%. Oklahoma is really, really good, and even better at home. Mizzou is pretty good, but hasn't proven they can win on the road. I don't like the Tigers' chances at all.

3 - I say no. You guys know I've been beating the Aggies' drum this season, and the first two games -- albeit against lackluster opposition -- have only made me solidify my stance. They run the ball really well, they put Ryan Tannehill in a position to throw the ball well, they have started to play sensational defense, and they'll have a big home-field advantage on Saturday. I'll take the Aggies by a touchdown.

4 - The Fiancee and I watch "The Sing-Off," which is actually fairly entertaining for an American Idol knockoff. As far as totally new shows, I'm really interested in "Free Agents" on NBC, because Hank Azaria slays me. He is the very definition of underrated genius.

Doug: Oh, God. T. Boone Pickens has a Twitter account.

Who thought that was a good idea?

D-Sing: 1. I believe the Pac-12 doesn't want to expand...right now. As in this week in September. But after what I wrote late last night/early this morning, and then sleeping on it, I think we're going to wind up revisiting expansionapalooza later this academic year. Until some massive reform towards equity is made (which doesn't seem possible if Texas is around, as that was apparently the thing that scared the Pac-12), this conference will continue to be unstable and seem ripe for poaching.

As long as dissension and tension exists, the Big 12 will be weak.

2. Less than 1%. I won't say no chance, but...almost no chance. Night game in Norman + OU's record at home under Stoops + revenge factor for last season's loss x James Franklin's inexperience + injuries = less than 1%.

3. Does the game start after 12:15am local time? If so, I'll take OSU because they have experience playing midnight games. Otherwise, I'll take TAMU with a late score for the win.

4. I used to be a television person, and there are, quite frankly, no new shows I really want to watch this season on the schedule right now. Maybe something will come along midyear when they start canceling things.

ghtd36: "I used to be a television person, and there are, quite frankly, no new shows I really want to watch this season on the schedule right now. Maybe something will come along midyear when they start canceling things."


Oh no it's not that. It's just I'm not pulled in by anything that's being offered up right now. None of the new scripted series (based on the synopses I've seen) have any zing. No pizzazz you know?

Some seasons are like that. The last two scripted series that I remember being excited for were Modern Family and The Middle.

D-Sing: Oh no it's not that. It's just I'm not pulled in by anything that's being offered up right now. None of the new scripted series (based on the synopses I've seen) have any zing. No pizzazz you know?

Some seasons are like that. The last two scripted series that I remember being excited for were Modern Family and The Middle.

ghtd36: I would appreciate it if you would become the Stephen A. Smith of Rock M Nation.


(And we won't mention that you could have just as easily called for me to be the Skip Bayless of RMN but didn't.)

SleepyFloyd7: Sponsored by Cheeto's

D-Sing: I'd much rather be sponsored by "purple stuff."

ghtd36: Well, D-Sing, because of your sassypants, you've been demoted to the Trev Alberts of RMN.


SleepyFloyd7: Can I be the Dr. Jerry Punch of RMN?


Not that! Anything but that.

I guess it could be worse; you could have called me the Craig James of RMN.

ghtd36: I've got dibs on being the Rob Stone of RMN.

Doug: Yeah, that's where I live now.

SleepyFloyd7: Is that you, BillC?

Bill C.: You're dead to me. I have a much thicker neck than that.

D-Sing: I always thought of Bill C. as a smarter, nerdier, hipster Bill Simmons.

Doug: I guess that's a compliment. Right?

ghtd36: Oh God.

Oh God.

Oh God, no.

Someone call Atch. Someone please check on him, make sure he doesn't do anything drastic. Tell him that there are lots of people who love him, and there's no need to end it all. It's not worth it.

R.E.M. is calling it quits.


D-Sing: Wait...R.E.M. was still around?

I had no idea.

Michael Atchison: I’m OK with R.E.M. calling it quits. It was a good run. I remember my high school friends (OK, acquaintances) being puzzled when I played them Murmur back in 1984. "Come on, sing with me, ‘Your hate, clipped and distant, your luck, a two-headed cow!’"

Can I be either Bob Ley or Frank Deford?

SleepyFloyd7: Atch, I always pictured you as Beano Cook.

Michael Atchison: Tell Connelly I can hear him! TELL HIM I CAN HEAR THIS!

Bill C.: So I'm Fowler then? I'LL TAKE IT.

The Beef: So I have been getting it handed to me at work today, but I suppose I need to either weigh in (or someone do it for me) on being the "BLANK" of RMN.

Tony Siragusa?

ZouDave: I’ve spent some time reading bits from a Jacksonville Jaguars message board today…the overwhelming majority of them are VERY excited to see Gabbert in his first start this weekend and most are taking a very hopeful attitude with them. They’re not expecting him to put up the stats Cam Newton is putting up because he won’t have the receivers, but they’re just hoping to see more of the promise he’s already shown. The consensus seems to be the fans are in love with his arm strength (makes me think of the "I wanna get that pregnant" references to Blaine’s deep ball) and the wives of the fans are in love with Blaine’s looks. The most popular nicknames I’ve seen for him are "Sunshine" (obvious reference to Remember the Titans), and the offshoot of that: Gunshine. I love the nickname Gunshine, and now want to claim that RMN came up with that 2 years ago.