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Quick Slant: Oklahoma and the concept of "Right Coach, Right Time"

This week I was initially going to write about revenge and the carryover effect of a gut punch and some other stuff relating to our road trip to the gallows  Norman this week, if for no other reason (since we are apparently still living off of this game) than to post this:

But Bill C. kind of stole my thunder in the preview yesterday (thanks, boss!) so we're turning this brief quick slant into an option route of sorts.

The first time I saw Oklahoma play Mizzou in person was in 1998, and Missouri beat the Sooners at Faurot Field 20-6. The head coach at the time was John Blake (aka the guy who just got North Carolina into a whole helluva lot of trouble).

Missouri managed to finish that season 8-4, including a bowl victory over West Virginia. It would be the last .500 record for the Tigers until 2003. It was also the last year that Missouri beat Oklahoma before 2010.

After the 1998 season, Oklahoma hired Bob Stoops, and while they have not won nearly as many BCS titles as they should've won, it has been one of the best hires of the last 15 years.

A couple of years after Missouri had that 8-4 season, it was time for us to make a change. Missouri hired Gary Pinkel away from Toldeo, and while we have not won a BCS title, and while it was extremely rocky at first, I believe that we, too, found the right coach for us at the right time.