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Mizzou Links, 9-30-11

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Had an interesting baby night last night, getting to bed late and waking up a few different times (we're going to go with "She's having a growth spurt, and that's why she wants to eat every six minutes and wakes up the entire neighborhood when she can't"), so evidently when the alarm went off this morning. I turned it off and got back into bed. I guess that's what happened -- I have no recollection of it. But thankfully (ahem), she was yelling for more food by 5:45, and now I'm up. TGIF, etc. Links forthcoming, but I wanted to assure the early-morning crowd that they're coming.

Anyway, we start today by asking if everybody (with an iPad) has purchased their MU Homecoming: 100 Years In Photos Missourian app yet. It looks incredible.


So what do we know that we didn't know this time yesterday?

1) Tennessee's AD revealed that "the plan" for the SEC might include adding a 14th team soon after all. Obviously this does nice things for whatever leverage Mizzou may have.

2) If Mizzou chooses to stay in the Big 12, there is a chance the conference could be both interesting and appealing (if any of the potential "Big East Mass Exodus" rumors are true).

3) Come on, no WAY does Oral Roberts fit in with the Southland Conference. Oral Roberts did not have much in common with Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston (and, uh, whoever Mr. McNeese and Mr. Lamar were), right?

  • Tennessee's AD Fails To Follow The Script
    College Football Talk: Tennessee AD sees more expansion; Slive says 'shaddup!'
  • Big 12 Expansion?
    CBS Sports: Report: Big 12 may be interested in TCU after all
    ZagsBlog: Bill Self Prefers Nine-Team Big 12
    Big East Coast Bias: Conference Realignment: Rumors of a Big East Mass Exodus

    I am reluctant to write about things behind another site's paywall, but, since the contents of that site's report have become public via other channels, it's safe to discuss without damaging that site's ability to provide premium content to its members. Bearcat Lair, the Cincinnati site in the 247 Sports network of sites, is reporting that Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and TCU are working to become members of the Big XII. The site reports that BYU is in negotiatons to join the Big XII.The gist of the report was tweeted publicly by David Locke. Locke is the host of a sports radio show and is the play by play announcer for the Utah Jazz.

  • As Strange As It Feels To Say, Missouri Holds A Lot Of Cards Right Now
    KC Star (Sam Mellinger): This is the time to get behind Missouri, Pinkel

    The Big 12’s best future — not its survival, but its best future — depends on how Mizzou’s showdown with Texas ends. Missouri’s beefs are all of our beefs. In other words, you should root for the Tigers.

    No matter what the Southeastern Conference says officially or publicly, the league is very clearly holding a spot open for MU, and that leverage is the best hope for K-State since Bill Snyder’s return and for KU since Mario Chalmers’ jump shot. [...]

    But Pinkel’s perspective is also KU’s and K-State’s, so in that way, he is the most public advocate for our region.

    The league will survive with or without the Tigers, but the context of previous departures and premature statements of unity from others would position MU’s dropping out as the lowest moment yet.

    Last summer’s departure of Nebraska and Colorado brought all the league’s problems to daylight. Texas A&M’s illustrated the scale. Missouri leaving would show that things will never change.

    Mizzou is the Big 12’s last hope for positive change.

    Tulsa World (John Klein): Big 12 could survive if Missouri stays loyal
  • We're Being A Bit Presumptuous, Eh?
    PowerMizzou: The SEC effect on recruiting Texas
    KC Star: How Missouri football compares if it were in the SEC
  • Podcasts!
    Black Heart Gold Pants: BHGPODCAST 65: Frank the Tank! YEEEEE-HAW!
    Daily Oklahoman: Oral Roberts interested in joining Southland Conference

Mizzou Football Links

  • Josey
    The Missourian: Henry Josey emerging as premier player

    Josey rarely hesitates. He makes one cut up the field and goes hard. In Missouri’s running game, with the way the blocking is set up, this level of commitment is paramount. Josey is so quick to commit that just once has he lost yards on a rushing attempt, and he has been stopped for no gain only three times.

    "He’s not like a lot of people I’ve met. He cuts full speed, and he runs 100 percent all the time," receiver T.J. Moe said. "If the little gap’s there, he’s going to hit it, and not many people are going to catch him."

  • Nessy
    We Are Mizzou: Sheldon Richardson

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer Mizzou Hosts No. 24 Texas A&M Friday Tiger Fans Excited About Big 12 Weekend
    The Maneater: Texas matchups will be 'personal' for some Tigers
  • Mizzou Softball Softball Hosts Pair of Fall Games
  • Mizzou Baseball Mizzou in the Majors: Ian Kinsler's surprisingly great year