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Week 2 BlogPoll

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BlogPoll Ballot for Week 2. No pithy statements except for this: Why did Georgia think that looking like an arena football league team was a good idea?

Ballot below; comments after the jump


It was easy to dump TCU, Notre Dame and Georgia; they all lost. Yes, it might be harsh, but I felt fine bumping them out.

The problem for me was Oregon, and it kind of highlights the dilemma I face with this process. Oregon hung with LSU for much of the first half, and shot themselves in the foot, but wore down and got blown out a bit. But...I still think they are a top-15 team, and on a neutral site equidistant from each school's campus, I think they can beat any of the schools below them. Of course, if those schools have time to prepare, they can probably beat Oregon. But dropping them all the way out just didn't feel right to me.

My first bit of homerism may have crept it, since Missouri wound up moving up four spots. They were more procedural bumps than anything else, but I feel kind of weird about it. It was a great defensive effort, though.

Welcome Florida, and especially Baylor. Friday night was definitely too hot in the hot tub for the Horned Frogs, and it gives me a chance to post this:     Hot_tub_party_medium