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Mizzou Links, 9-8-11

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Mizzou Football Links

  • Oklahoma State and Texas Tickets on Sale Now
  • Arizona State
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Behind the Numbers

    So, what do we know about Erickson? His one-back offense and three-step passing game helped usher in the modern spread systems. ASU runs a more modern, NFL cousin of the spread, but you can find pieces of Erickson's offense everywhere in college football, including Missouri and Arizona State.

    "His offense back in the '80s set a standard," Gary Pinkel said. "He was doing things out of the one-back that nobody in the country was doing. He was one of the originators in the spread offense. He's always got his hand in the offense. I guarantee you that. There's so much spread now that’s come off of that. They're very dynamic in their offense. They have a lot of things they do. He also likes to be able to run the football, too, even though he has all the exotic formations with the one-back."

    Erickson honed the offense as an assistant under Jack Elway at San Jose State and developed his own "one-back spread" at Idaho, Wyoming and Washington State.

    Dr. Saturday: Arizona State promises, Friday's 'blackout' isn't too hot for fans to handle
  • Running Backs
    The Missourian: More change for Missouri's running game
  • Defense
    KC Star: Mizzou defense makes adjustments from key injuries
  • Linebackers
    The Trib: Luke Lambert counts his blessings
  • Defensive Backs
    PowerMizzou: Matt White is a sum of his parts
  • Last Week
    We Are Mizzou: Defensive Play of the Week
    We Are Mizzou: Special Teams Play of the Week
  • Jeremy. Maclin.
    Post-Dispatch: Jeremy Maclin looks forward to a happy homecoming
  • PowerMizzou: Mailbag

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    The Missourian: Missouri's Brimmage uses athleticism to intimidate opponents