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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em: The All-Time List is UPDATED

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I know, I know...I said yesterday I did not think I would get to it. I am all about underpromising and overdelivering, so the spreadsheet has now been updated. A few "short-comings" of the spreadsheet:

  • Unless you participated in each of the five years, I really have no way of knowing what year you started and what year is associated to what set of picks
  • I did not break the picks up between spread and O/U. Would that be nice? Sure. Will I ever do it? Very doubtful
  • I am sure there are still a few people with two screen names on here. If you are one of said people, please do reach out to me (again all more than likely) and I will do my best to get it corrected now.

So, feel free to peruse all the records at THIS LINK. In the meantime, here are some milestones to be aware of:

  • Best single-season record is 45-25, as shared by Bill C., golf2804, and jcmufan (who was a single season participant only)
  • Best two-year winning percentage belongs to Addison Walton at 57.14%
  • Best three-year winning percentage belongs to Country Cal and MarioVanPeeblesRepublicofChina at 53.57%
  • Best four-year winning percentage belongs to M7Tiger, who took it on the chin this year, but is still holding at 54.04%
  • Best five-year winning percentage now belongs to MU 1839, who overtook Bill C. and is now at 53.55%

Thanks again everyone for a great year!