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Mizzou Links, 1-13-12

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Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Teacher Becomes The Student
    The Missourian: Haith faces former mentor in Missouri's game Saturday against Texas

    Haith served as an assistant coach at Texas under Barnes when the Longhorns advanced in postseason play to the Sweet 16 during the 2001-02 season and the Final Four during the 2002-03 season. Haith then became an associate head coach at Texas for the 2003-04 season, and the Longhorns made another trip to the Sweet 16. [...]

    While coaching under Barnes, Haith was impressed with Barnes’ ability to adapt to his personnel.

    "He was the best at that," Haith said. "Some coaches are not willing to change. They have their certain mentality how they want to play, and that’s what we’re going to do all the time."

    The Missourian: St. Louis Cardinals Caravan set to stop at Mizzou Arena for Saturday's game

Other Basketball Links

I saw the headline of the below article and got excited because there are better systems for determining quality than RPI now. Then I saw that his "best of all" tool is the AP Top 25. And then I LOL'd. And then I linked to this piece for a completely different reason.

Mizzou Football Links

  • Recruiting
    SB Nation Recruiting: Evan Boehm Swung Back To Missouri By Family Values

    SBN: So you really enjoyed the Auburn experience. What ultimately spurred committing back to Missouri?

    Boehm: "It was 14 hours away. With my dad being a high school coach and my brother being in high school, the only person who could come see me is my mom. I'm not about that.

    And I was really drawn to the family atmosphere at Mizzou. That's what I like to see. I'm a family guy, all about the family, my dad being my head coach and all. Mizzou had that family feel and I felt like I was already a part of the team. It felt good."

    SBN: You played all the positions on the line in high school. I know you're slated to play guard for Missouri, but how do you think the varied experience will help you at the next level?

    Boehm: "I think it will help a lot. Being able to learn the different steps and assignments. Coach Barrows [HS offensive line coach] has done a great job with me. I payed guard my freshman year. I'm a little rusty with that. But I feel good about it."

  • 'Nique
    The Draft Season: Dominique Hamilton playing with a purpose

    Growing up, Hamilton spent some time in a part of the world where football is very different. And it was there that he got his first start on the gridiron.

    "I started off at center when I was ten. I was playing flag football when my family was living in Germany," Hamilton explained. "It was different. They wouldn’t allow the younger kids to hit. They didn’t have Pop Warner, they just had flag football. It was really different. Germany itself was a different place. They try to make it as American as possible on the Army base but once you leave there, it’s a German crowd."

    Hamilton also spent time living in Arizona, Atlanta, El Paso and now resides in upstate New York.

    But he will gladly welcome a new location later this year, a location he hopes to learn during the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.

  • NFL VIDEO -- Aldon Smith: Rookie Rampage
  • DC
    Cowboy Altitude: Dave Christensen Signs Five Year Extension With Wyoming

Other Football Links

  • Self-Share (Proud Of This One)
    SB Nation: The Top 100 Games Of The 2011 College Football Season
  • A Lovely Piece From Holly (Holly Anderson): A random piece of masonry: Closing the book on the 2011 football season
  • The Issue We Don't Talk About
    Grantland: Concussions in adolescents and the future of football
  • OU
    Crimson And Cream Machine: Mike Stoops confirms his return to Oklahoma


Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving
    The Trib: Missouri swimming rising to surface
  • Mizzou Tennis Mizzou Tennis Season Preview


  • MARIO!
    Dirty Tackle: Mario Balotelli makes surprise school visit to use bathroom