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Mizzou Links, 1-19-12

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The world didn't already know about my Pinkel-copter? * sigh *
The world didn't already know about my Pinkel-copter? * sigh *

Mizzou Football Links

We have officially reached football recruiting's silly season. Commits, de-commits, de-de-commits, re-commits, re-de-commits, new offers ... and on the horizon, hat ceremonies. Good times. You can either let the bad news keep you up at night (and there was a bit of bad news last night), or you can just let it all wash over you until Signing Day (which is, thankfully, now under two weeks away). Will Hines de-committed last night, as was at least half-expected (he had been down to Missouri and Arkansas for a while), and while that stinks (I really liked his film, and it would be pretty nice if Mizzou could pull out a few more recruiting wins over Arkansas, especially now), it appears Mizzou has already found an interesting guy to take his place on the commitment list. We'll see how everything plays out.

Meanwhile, Gary Pinkel has been using the Pinkel-Copter to swoop in on recruits around the state for a while now, but when you do it for the No. 1 recruit in the country, people take notice.

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Charity Time! Coach Haith to Participate in Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge
  • God Bless The Block M
    Lost Lettermen: Top 10 College Basketball Throwback Uniforms

Other Basketball Links

  • KSU > UT
    KC Star: K-State hangs on to beat Texas 84-80
  • ISU > OSU
    The Dagger: Iowa State snatches win on banked-in three at the buzzer
    Daily Oklahoman: Iowa State beats OSU men at buzzer


  • KC Star: MU's Alden meets with KC chamber about keeping a presence here
  • SEC Dixie-nary: Y is for YouTube

Other Mizzou Links