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January 2 Links And Live Thread

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Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

I say this as both a boast and a cry for help: I wrote approximately 7,000 words for yesterday, and I wrote about another 3,000 this morning. I need oxygen. And I also need one more day of Rock M live threads. You've got six bowls to watch (and six previews to read!), so ... IT'S LIVE THREAD MONDAY!

But first, here are some links and topics for conversation between games...

Alden Speaks!

The Trib: Allow me to explain: Q&A with Mike Alden
PowerMizzou: Alden on the record
KC Star (Campus Corner): Alden fears football in KC out for 2012

Big 12 Basketball Awaits

The Trib: New tests await MU in Big 12
Post-Dispatch: Drama awaits Mizzou basketball
Daily Oklahoman: Big 12 basketball: 12 games that will shape the season

DGB Speaks (A Little Bit)! VIDEO: DGB speaks - No. 1 prospect ready for Army Bowl test
PowerMizzou: The final stretch hotboard

Goodbye (And Good Riddance), 2011

Big 12 Sports: The Big 12's Top 10 Stories of 2011
PowerMizzou: Remembering the Storm Top 9 MU Baseball Stories of 2011: The Long Season

Your Future Home

Omaha World-Herald: Seat of power: How the SEC came to rule college football
The Trib: Missouri's first SEC schedule not template for future

Game Time!

11:00 AM CT

TicketCity Bowl: No. 19 Houston vs. No. 22 Penn State (ESPNU)
(Self-Share Preview: Like Watching Different Sports

12:00 PM CT

Outback Bowl: No. 16 Georgia vs. No. 17 Michigan State (ABC)
(Self-Share Preview: Tales Of Redemption)

Capital One Bowl: No. 9 South Carolina vs. No. 20 Nebraska (ESPN)
(Self-Share Preview: The 'Yeah, But...' Game) Gator Bowl: Ohio State vs. Florida (ESPN2)
(Self-Share Preview: Inaccurate Names, Inaccurate Passes

4:00 PM CT

Rose Bowl: No. 5 Oregon vs. No. 10 Wisconsin (ESPN)
(Self-Share Preview: Some Games Just Feel Right)

7:30 PM CT

Tostitots Fiesta Bowl: No. 3 Oklahoma State vs. No. 4 Stanford (ESPN)
(Self-Share Preview: Speed Vs. Strength)