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Mizzou 89, Baylor 88: Tigers Steal Enormous Win On The Road

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Mizzou is now 3-2 all-time in Top Five versus Top Five matchups. The Tigers shot poorly on 3-pointers, were iffy from the line, turned the ball over a season-high 18 times, and didn't get a great game from Marcus Denmon, but they played their best game of the year on the glass, and with the game in flux, Phil Pressey dominated. For the game, he had 18 points, seven assists, six steals and five rebounds, and his defense allowed Mizzou to stretch a small lead to double-digits midway through the second half.

Pressey was only one of the stories, however. In a game in which Mizzou had a perceived size disadvantage, Ricardo Ratliffe was the best player on the court. He scored 27 points (11-for-14 from the field, 5-for-7 from the line), grabbed eight rebounds and blocked two shots. Meanwhile, Baylor's star big, Perry Jones III, was a complete non-factor, with eight points and four boards.

Mizzou is now a staggering 18-1 overall, 5-1 in conference. I've officially given up on setting any sort of expectations or making any projections. Time to just let this incredible season run its course. In the meantime ... CELEBRATION THREAD. WHAT SAY YOU, DR. SOYOYE?