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Mizzou Links, 1-23-12

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Mizzou Football Links

There are approximately 9.5 days until the DGB sweepstakes come to an end at Springfield Hillcrest High School next Wednesday afternoon. Arkansas had their say this weekend, as he left a basketball tournament in St. Louis to head down for his official visit in Fayetteville. Evidently, Bobby Petrino has his in-home visit this week, as well. Mizzou will get the final word, however, when, barring any future changes of plans, DGB visits Columbia this coming weekend. I assume the "MIZ-DGB" chant will be pretty loud at the Texas Tech game on Saturday, huh?

Early indications are that DGB very much enjoyed his trip to Fayetteville, but ... of course he did. Recruits almost always enjoy visits, and when you are lavished with as much attention and love as he probably was (and will be next weekend), all the better. As long as we don't suddenly find out today that he committed (and we almost certainly won't), then you have to feel at least cautiously optimistic about Missouri's chances. I don't know if they'll land him, but I have absolutely loved the way Mizzou has recruited him to date, and I'll almost certainly be saying the same thing after next weekend. Cross your fingers. Well, not yet. Crossing your fingers for 9.5 straight days would probably start to hurt after a while. And it would be hard to type.

  • DGB Dorial Green-Beckham sits down with Frank Cusumano
    Post-Dispatch: Top recruit turns from hoops to Arkansas football visit
    Post-Dispatch (Bryan Burwell): Mizzou fans greet prized recruit

    I came here for a very good reason. My columnist instincts said this was a situation ripe for potential commentary about the process of the recruitment of gifted 18-year-old student-athletes. I had no idea what to expect, but I had my suspicions that it would be one of two scenarios:

    1. I would walk into a gymnasium full of screaming, fanatical idiots who would embarrass themselves with some sort of outlandish over-the-top display of everything that is wrong with the recruiting process.

    2. Or I would see a gymnasium full of curious, but well-behaved adults.

    I have to admit that I wasn't sure which scene I was hoping for, because either one would provide me with ample ammunition. But allow young Mr. Green-Beckham to end the suspense with how the evening transpired.

    "I'd say they all acted like adults," he said, smiling. "It was all pretty cool."

    Thank you Mizzou fans for restoring my faith in the sanity of sports fans. […]

    "I kind of like that they didn't get too fired up," Green-Beckham said. "They weren't trying to distract me from what I had to do in the game. Wherever they came from, whether it was Columbia or St. Louis or back home, I thought they did pretty good. That gives me comfort in knowing, ‘OK, they're cool. They're not going to bother me while I'm in a game, trying make me float out mentally from what I should be doing to pay attention to what they're doing.'"

  • Other Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Missouri moves ahead for Onuoha
    PowerMizzou: Update on Damien Lawry
    We Are Mizzou: Wide Receiver Darius White Joins the Mizzou Family
  • Dom
    The Draft Season: Dominique Hamilton Shrine Game Photo Album
  • Gabs
    USA Today: Hangin' with MJD: The NFL playoffs, fantasy sports and more
    CBS Sports (Rapid Reports): Bratkowski: Blaine Gabbert's pocket presence is coachable
    CBS Sports (Rapid Reports): Olson will be key in Gabbert development
    CBS Sports (Rapid Reports): Development of Gabbert up to ... Gabbert

Meanwhile ... though the Giants won last night, we still have this.

As RPT said last night, Eli Manning and Carson Coffman now have something in common.

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Mizzou Still Won!
    The Missourian: Win over Baylor big boost for Missouri

    Missouri also grabbed six more rebounds than Baylor, a pleasant surprise for a Tigers squad that regularly uses only two players taller than 6-6.

    "We understand we are vertically challenged; we’re not a tall team," Missouri coach Frank Haith said. "We do have quickness and guys who can run down loose balls. This team has learned to not watch the ball when shots go up. ... We know that if we aren’t in the ballpark from a rebounding standpoint, we are going to struggle."

    Even Missouri's two smallest players contributed. At 5-10, Phil Pressey had five rebounds, and 6-1 Michael Dixon collected four. The Tigers had 10 offensive rebounds in the first half and scored 14 second-chance points in the opening 20 minutes.

Other Basketball Links

SEC (And Big 12)

Other Mizzou Links

So ... our incredibly young gymnastics team might be awfully good.

  • Mizzou Gymnastics Tigers Upset No. 16 Denver at Pink Out
    The Trib: Tigers keep cool on difficult night
    The Missourian: 'Super fan' brought his spirit to Missouri gymnastics meet
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri competes against University of Denver
    KBIA Sports Extra: Pingeton disappointed with Mizzou's sixth loss
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Tigers Drop Close Battle to Oklahoma State, 62-58
    The Trib: MU women fall flat in disheartening defeat
    The Missourian: Oklahoma State tries to move on after tragedy
    The Missourian: Best friends reunited in Missouri loss to Oklahoma State
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri falls to Oklahoma State
  • Mizzou Tennis Mizzou Falls Against No. 20 Notre Dame
  • Mizzou Track & Field Tigers Wrap Up Illini Classic
  • Mizzou Soccer Tigers Begin Offseason Helping the Community


  • The Balotelliest Game That Ever Balotelli'd
    Dirty Tackle: Mario Balotelli's eventful half hour against Spurs
  • Oh, Ed Hochuli
    Joe Posnanski: Hochuli in Verse