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Mizzou Links, 1-26-12

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I apologize if this post has mistakes and/or incoherent thoughts in it. This is the first time I've attempted to write during a Federer-Nadal match, and I'm a little overstimulated at the moment.

Mizzou Basketball Links

La la la, moving right along...

(Oh, yeah, and ... Dear KC Star, thank you for figuring out ways to make your website as user-unfriendly as possible. The whole "you're not allowed to copy-paste any part of our articles without going through three extra steps, because god-forbid someone tries to blurb an article so that, you know, people would want to read the whole thing" approach is silly and overly paranoid, but the "we're going to slip a pop-up ad behind your browser every time you open up one or our articles" thing is enough to make me stop reading, or linking to, your site altogether. Just so you know. I'm not sure that's the outcome you had in mind, but if it was, congratulations. It's working.)

Mizzou Football Links

This latest development -- Bobby Petrino forgoing an in-home visit with DGB to avoid any potential talk of a recruiting violation -- might not end up being a good thing for Mizzou, but it sure as hell isn't a bad thing...

  • DGB
    CBS Sports: Petrino not seeing No. 1 recruit Thursday

    Beckham said that Petrino and Hillcrest receiver Dorial Green-Beckham "bumped into each other" earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas possibly creating an NCAA recruiting issue. Petrino was in town for the American Football Coaches Association convention. Green-Beckham was there for the U.S. Army All-Star Game.

    Arkansas issued a statement Wednesday saying no NCAA violation occured.

    "When he was at the coaching convention in San Antonio, they bumped into each other," said Beckham who also is Green-Beckham’s foster father. "It just so happened that another school that was recruiting Dorial happened to be there that day." [...]

    Arkansas' statement: "No violation has occured and we are taking proactive steps we feel necessary to avoid any risk of one." [...]

    Recruiting analysts are hanging on every nugget of information regarding the national single-season leader in receiving yards. predicted Monday that the receiver would be heading to Arkansas. analyst Steve Spiewak says he can’t understand the perception that Arkansas is in the lead. Green-Beckham says he is undecided and will make his decision known next Wednesday morning at the school.

    "People really read in too much to what he says," Beckham said. "They interviewed [Dorial] last week before a basketball tournament in St. Louis. And he said … ‘I have to go to Missouri next week.’ They all got hung up on, ‘I have to,’ instead of ‘wanting to go.’ That’s just a little example."

    The Missourian: Top high school recruit Dorial Green-Beckham considers Missouri football
    Austin American-Statesman: Where is Green-Beckham headed? Watch and learn

Other Football Links

  • Doesn't Apply As Much To Mizzou, But ... Self-Share!
    SB Nation: You Just Signed A Blue-Chip Running Back! Now What?


Other Mizzou Links


What the hell is a Graham Zusi?