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Mizzou 63, Texas Tech 50: Kim English Scores 22, Leads Tigers To 19th Win

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Texas Tech went out of their way to prevent Ricardo Ratliffe from getting the shots he typically gets, and Mizzou got some open jumpers as a result. Kim English made some early, but for the most part, they just continued to bounce off the rim. English went 4-for-6 from 3-point range, but the rest of the team went just 2-for-16. Marcus Denmon was dreadful from the field again, shooting 4-for-15 after a 4-for-16 performance in Stillwater, but his ability to get to the line, and Mizzou's ability to force turnover after turnover on defense (22 in all), gave the Tigers the cushion they needed. It wasn't the game Mizzou fans may have wanted, but Mizzou is 19-2 nonetheless. Now, it's time to find Marcus Denmon's sea legs in a hurry; Mizzou-Texas looms on Monday.

Study Hall tomorrow, Happy Saturday Afternoon thread today. MIZ-DGB.