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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The Plot Thickens

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The Hog win over the Wildcats has given us a three-way tie at the top, as optiger, mizzou2396 and smbz5b now all have 40 wins each. With just three games remaining (and six picks), we can start to look at potential movement between the three. Interestingly, optiger and smbz5b only differ on one of the final six picks (LSU or Alabama to cover). However, mizzou2396 has four different from optiger and five different from smbz5b. So this could be real close between optiger and smbz5b and come down to the winner of the national championship game, or mizzou2396 may very well still run away with it.

Behind them, we still find cchstove in the hunt with 39 wins and then a trio of folks back at 38. Is there enough time and enough variability for them to scratch back to the top? Time will tell.

At the other end, Grrrr..... still has a one-pick "lead" over crwbp3. These two folks differ on their next three picks, but are the same on their last three, so this weekend will be big for them. Watch out though for Ryan The Phillips who is lurking with just 25 wins (two ahead of Grrr....) and who differs on four of the final six.

For the contest, we are hovering at the 49% mark. After doing some fidgeting around, it looks like we have two ways to get to over .500 for this year (over .500 for all-time is out). SMU and Pitt are pretty split (SMU is the slight majority pick), so either one can win and we can still get there. After that though, we need the Over, Northern Illinois, Over, LSU and Under in the last five to get there. Anything else I believe will keep us under .500 for the year.

As always, you can check my math or access your picks and all the totals (located at the bottom of the page) by clicking on this link.

SMU and Pitt will be live while the Tigers are hooping it up in the Little Apple, so we may get another update later today. Until then, enjoy the weekend!