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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: And we Have a Winner....

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....sort of. I do believe that Grrr.... cannot be overtaken at the bottom of the barrel thanks to the SMU/Under result of today. So with 23 (current) wins, congrats on the accomplishment.

At the other end of the pile, mizzou2396 has pulled ahead with his 41st win of the contest, taking a one game lead over a group of four others. Three of them (optiger, cchstove and smbz5b) can still win it and all differ from one another at some point in their last four. The other is BYUHusker, who the best they will be able to do will be tie due to the lack of remaining variation in picks. Behind them is another group of four at 39 wins, but of them, only TigerBartender has a shot to gain a tie if he finishes perfect. I will lay out all the potential finishes in the next update before the final game.

Speaking of ties, I suppose I will try to break them by looking at the wins of just the "spread" picks. If that does not dictate a winner, I will probably just call it a tie.

Two more days, and just two more games left before the season comes to an end. The contest is still sitting at just over 49 percent. Right now, I believe the remaining majority picks are Northern Illinois, Over, LSU and Under. If that comes to pass, it will leave us TWO GAMES UNDER .500 on the season. Funny stuff.

As always, you can check my math or access your picks and all the totals (located at the bottom of the page) by clicking on this link.