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Mizzou Football Recruiting 2013: Eddie Printz, Jr., commits to Tigers

Eddie Printz, Jr., commits to Mizzou. The Georgia quarterback was previously committed to SMU and UCLA.

Quarterback Eddie Printz, Jr., committed to Mizzou yesterday, ending (in theory) a rather interesting recruitment. He committed to SMU last September, then de-committed around the time the June-Jones-to-Arizona-State rumors came aground. The next month, he committed to UCLA. As of August, he was strongly committed to UCLA. In late August, he and the UCLA coaching staff reaffirmed that they were committed to each other. In mid-September, either he was no longer committed to the Bruins, or the Bruins were no longer committed to him. And in mid-October, he committed to Mizzou over offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Vanderbilt and others. Mizzou was looking for a second quarterback to sign in this class alongside Trent Hosick (gee, I wonder why they would think they would need multiples) -- he is more of a pro-style quarterback, so he should serve as a nice complement with Hosick's Tebow-esque style -- and now they have it.

Printz is a high three-star recruit via both and Per his profile:

Drop speed, balance and set up is very calm and consistent and he does a nice job of keeping his feet underneath him when planting to throw. Is consistent in all of his mechanics. Shows adequate zip and RPM's on short and intermediate routes and does an excellent job of leading receivers and throwing a catchable ball. Can change ball speeds, shows touch on deep balls and balls in the red area. Overall accuracy and decision making is very strong, especially when on time. Ball handling is an area he takes pride in. Play fakes are excellent and he is capable of throwing well on the run to both sides off bootlegs. Printz shows flashes of good anticipation and pre-snap knowledge of where to go with the ball. He is just good enough of an athlete to buy time and create a second passing chance, but is not a dynamic athlete or runner. With Printz arm strength is the concern. Lacks power and velocity to throw with authority into tight spots. Would have concerns about his ability to make vertical and intermediate throws outside of the numbers consistently for the next level especially if he is late. Release is starting to smooth out from when he was a sophomore and junior, but at times can be tense and slightly robotic.

Here are some YouTube highlights.