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Mizzou Links, 10-16-12

Bama drafts, Mizzou Football feels the urgency, and Mizzou Basketball has quite the backcourt.

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Mizzou Football Links

One plus to playing Alabama: the 17 daily links. Once Bama is in the rearview, the number of links starts to feel underwhelming.

  • Bama
    Grantland: What Happens When The Tide Comes to Town 'They draft, we recruit -- and they get the first 25 picks,' Derek Dooley says of Alabama
    We Are Mizzou: Sara Evans at Mizzou
  • Kentucky
    The Trib: Morning kickoff for Missouri homecoming game
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Pinkel: "We feel the sense of urgency to fix this."
  • Eric Waters
    The Missourian: Waters thankful for support after injury in Missouri-Alabama game
  • More On Eddie Printz
    PowerMizzou: Third time's a charm

    Printz, along with his family, sat in Gary Pinkel's office late that afternoon.

    "We were talking about recruiting and my interest level in Missouri," Printz said. "I came out and said it: 'Coach, I want to commit to Mizzou.' He got real excited and told the rest of the coaches, and they were all excited."

    It's the third commitment Printz has made, after switching from SMU to UCLA during his junior year. A falling out with UCLA put Printz back on the market, and Missouri was one of the first schools to reach out to Printz in September.

    "They have a great offense, a great coaching staff. They're a great program," Printz said.

    Of course, the game Printz saw wasn't pretty -- a 42-10 loss to top-ranked Alabama, played largely in heavy rain. But, Printz saw enough from the crowd (at least before the stadium was evacuated) and from the team to know he was confident in his decision.

    "They fought," Printz said. "They did what they could. I got to see the true atmosphere at the Zou and I loved every bit of it."

  • More On Nate Crawford
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Missouri lands pledge from Florida D-lineman

    Missouri co-offensive line coach Josh Henson has been recruiting the 6-foot-4, 265 pounds Crawford, who plays defensive end but could shift inside to defensive tackle.

    "With his frame, they can keep him where he is or he could carry 300 easy and be able to move," [West Florida Tech head coach Harry] Lees said. "I think they're getting a really good one."

    Lees said Crawford fits into Missouri's plan to get bigger athletes along the defensive line for the Southeastern Conference.

    "He's a strong player and makes plays from sideline to sideline," he said. "He's a good pass-rusher but probably a better run" defense "guy. I think he's going to be a really good fit for Missouri."

    "Our principal," Eric Smith, "is actually a Missouri grad and we give him a hard time because we don’t know a whole lot about Missouri down here in Pensacola," Lees added. "So when Coach Henson came, I said he had to stop by and visit the principal. But he's done a great job staying touch and keeping on top of Nate's grades and making sure he's doing everything to make all his requirements. They've really done their homework. I just appreciate the way they've handled it."

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