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Mizzou Links, 10-19-12

The 2013 football schedule is out, Mizzou's 2013 basketball recruiting class just got a lot better, Mizzou soccer prepares for a black out, and ... grilled cheese sandwiches all around!

Well ... Mizzou MIGHT play in Fayetteville one day...
Well ... Mizzou MIGHT play in Fayetteville one day...
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

So ... a lot happened yesterday, huh? We got most of next year's schedule finalized (see you at The Grove...), Mizzou Basketball scored a huge commitment, SBN's Miami site talked to Brent Musburger ... good times!

Mizzou Football Links

  • The SEC Schedule SEC Conference Schedule Released for 2013
    The Trib: In 2013, Missouri football plays Ole Miss, not Arkansas
    The Trib (Dave Matter): A closer look at the 2013 SEC schedule
    The Missourian: SEC football schedule: Missouri won't play Arkansas in 2013
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou avoids Alabama, LSU in 2013
    PowerMizzou: SEC released 2013 schedule
    Fox Sports MW: SEC conference schedule released for 2013
    Team Speed Kills: SEC Announces 2013 Conference Schedule, But No Rotation for Future
    Dawg Sports: Georgia Bulldogs' 2013 Football Schedule Highlighted by Tigers Galore
    Garnet & Black Attack: 2013 SEC Schedules Announced: S.C. Gets Some Breaks This Time Around How SEC's new "permanent" football games got scrapped before they started

    Today's release of the 2013 SEC schedule shows those new "permanent" games aren't happening next season. And it's not clear if Arkansas-Missouri and South Carolina-Texas A&M will become permanent starting in 2014 or if that will ever happen.

    "That's possible they'll be permanent, but not definite," SEC Executive Associate Commissioner Mark Womack said. "We'll continue to look at that and see what issues that may create going forward."

    Womack said the change occurred due to the difficulty of finding a quality game for Texas A&M and Missouri on the final weekend. Instead, they'll play each other Nov. 30, 2013, meaning South Carolina and Arkansas resume their annual cross-divisional game they've played since 1992.

    "We're trying not to have a team stuck out there without someone to play on that last weekend," Womack said. "It's harder to schedule nonconference games at the end of the schedule."

    Other permanent rivals remained the same: Alabama-Tennessee, Auburn-Georgia, LSU-Florida, Mississippi State-Kentucky and Ole Miss-Vanderbilt. Womack said those annual games will probably remain in 2014. […]

    Asked if Missouri could switch divisions in the future, Womack replied, "I don't think there's been a lot of internal talk about switching divisions at this point. That creates other issues as well."

    Womack said he hopes this is the last "bridge" schedule before a 12-year schedule shows which teams rotate on and off annually.

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Following the Future

Other Football Links

  • The Brent Musburger Drinking Game™
    State Of The U: Q&A With Brent Musburger

    6) Just how awesome is/was Howard Schnellenberger?

    Brent: Howard was wonderful for those of us in the media to work with because he was always approachable and willing to tell you things about his team. In terms of Miami, I'm not sure the Canes would have reached the pinnacle in the 80s they did without Howard turning that program around.

    7) How bad was the press box in the original Orange Bowl?

    Brent: My clothes closet at home was bigger than the old announce booth in the Orange Bowl. But, and this is a big but, I have witnessed so many great games in the Orange Bowl that I have forgiven the size of the announcer booth.

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • JW3 ... Or J3 ... Whichever
    PowerMizzou: Memphis forward picks Mizzou
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: J3 picks Mizzou
    PowerMizzou: J3 talks Mizzou commitment

    Although his faith played a large role in the decision it was not the only factor that led to Williams III picking up the Mizzou hat.

    "I think it was a good decision because Mizzou fit me perfectly as an athlete and as a person as well. Coach Tim Fuller recruited me very hard and we have a good bond with each other," said Williams III. "These five schools are great programs, but I just knew Mizzou as a program. I went to the visit and I didn't know what to expect, but when I left there I felt great about the system and that's why I chose Mizzou."

    Williams III still has his senior year at Southwind ahead of him, but he is already thinking about how he will contribute to Mizzou when he arrives on campus.

    "I'm more versatile than people think I am," Williams III said. "I can dribble, I can shoot and so Mizzou fit that well for me because the four man he can dribble, he can shoot, and also post up. I fit their program very well. They said I was going to come in as a freshman and be a 20-25 minute player. Also, they really need me as a player because they have four seniors leaving next year. I just think it will be a great opportunity for me to come in and play the four spot."

    The Trib: Tigers score pledge from four-star recruit
    KC Star: Memphis power forward picks Mizzou
  • Braggin' Rights Bud Light Braggin' Rights Game Extended Through 2017
    The Trib: Missouri, Illinois extend Braggin' Right Series
    KC Star: MU learns 2013 football schedule, extends Braggin' Rights hoops series
    Post-Dispatch: MU, Illini have six-year deal for Braggin' Rights game
    KBIA Sports: Braggin' Rights on the line through 2017 for Mizzou, Illini
  • Party Starter
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Laurence Bowers

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Max Former Tiger Max Scherzer Pitches Detroit to World Series

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer No. 16 Mizzou to Black Out Arkansas on Friday
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Mizzou to Swim for the Cure Saturday Against Missouri State
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Tigers Meet With the Media
  • Mizzou Cross Country
    The Trib: MU cross country teams compete in Wisconsin


  • What's Your Favorite Grilled Cheese? And If It Has Fillings Besides Cheese ... Is It Still A Grilled Cheese?
    Epicurious: SLIDESHOW: Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwiches