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Mizzou Links, 10-24-12

A fun flashback, another opportunity for Corbin Berkstresser, a torn labrum for Blaine Gabbert, and one hell of a tip.

Bill Carter

Two years ago last night...

From the diary:

6:36 - What a surge by the Mizzou offensive line. De'Vion Moore bursts up the middle and drags tacklers for an incredible 39-yard gain up the gut to the Oklahoma 37. Then, after Gabbert finds Moe for 19 yards (Gabbert in the fourth quarter: 8-for-9 passing, 95 yards), Josey cuts upfield for another 15 yards and a first down at the OU 3.

Then, it's time for the Wildcat formation (Wildzou? Wild Tiger?) at which Mizzou was hinting last week. Gabbert lines up wide, and James Franklin keeps the ball on a zone read. He is stopped around the 2, but he keeps churning, and the Mizzou line keeps blocking ... and he eventually tumbles into the end zone. What a drive. It is now 36-21 ...

..and suddenly I cannot stop thinking about my buddy Jeffrey. He used to drive me crazy sometimes with how upset he would get after losses (or even bad plays), but there was not a more fun person in the world to be with when something good was happening. And in this, the first truly great Mizzou football moment at Faurot Field since his passing, I feel a bit gypped that I wasn't able to experience this with him.

At this point, I am beginning to struggle to control my emotions. I'm thrilled by the game, I'm annoyed that Jeffrey isn't here, I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed, and I'm thrilled all over again. I know The Beef is likely going through exactly the same struggle at the moment (not to mention ZouDave, Andy--01, and virtually everybody else who got to know him online or in person), so that helps. [...]

2:17 - Amazingly, Bob Stoops has waved the white flag. The ire thrown at him about the two-point conversion should have been focused here. Jones is hurried by Terrell Resonno on first down and Jacquies Smith on second, forcing poor throws and incompletions. On third down, he can't find Broyles ... and with no timeouts remaining and under 2:30 left, Oklahoma punts. Mizzou will be able to kill over two minutes without getting a first down. It is an amazingly weak decision, but I'm obviously not going to complain too much.

Really, there were only two possibilities for why Stoops made this decision: 1) he forgot that OU had no way to stop the clock, or 2) he was already thinking ahead to future wins and poll votes and decided that losing by nine was much better than losing by 16 or worse. That's basically it -- if you can think of another possibility, I'd love to hear it, because the punt all but ended the game.

0:00 - Nirvana. Mizzou punts with 0:09 left, and on their final play, OU cannot advance the ball with a desperate series of laterals. Let the party begin.

Over the next 30+ minutes, we will sit back and watch as students and fans (and celebration dogs) fill almost every square inch of the field. While GameDay sets up in the southeast corner of the field, fans tear apart the north goal posts (they were lowered to the ground so they couldn't be torn down, so they were just torn apart instead). Chris Fowler interviews Blaine Gabbert, Fowler and Herbstreit interview Gary Pinkel, and Marching Mizzou's drum section starts an informal dance party at midfield. Nobody is in a hurry to go anywhere.

There are good times yet to come, Mizzou fans.

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