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Rock M Community Roundtable

Where readers do the work for us.

Andy Lyons

1. Word association game: Kentucky football.

2. Give me your prediction for Saturday's Homecoming at Ol' Mizzou game.

3. Not that Kentucky is a sure win by any means (right now, nobody is for this team), but generally speaking, do you prefer scheduling easier Homecoming games (so the folks returning to campus are likely to see a win) or a really tough one (so the folks returning to campus might see a 2010 Oklahoma ... and might see a 2009 Texas)?

4. Bear Bryant left Kentucky for Texas A&M, in part, because he felt he'd always be playing second fiddle to Adolph Rupp. Granted, he was right, but ... is it possible for a school to be both a Football School and a Basketball School?

5. You have $7,000 to spend on the company credit card, and for some reason you don't think you'll get caught doing it. What do you spend it on? (And yes, "strip club in Vegas" is an acceptable answer.)