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Mizzou Links, 10-26-12

T.J. Moe cleans up his routes, Frank Haith speaks at SEC Media Day, and Mizzou athletes are still good at the book-learnin'.

Bill Carter

Have you Asked Old Man Football yet? Because you should...

Mizzou Football Links

Pretty interesting tidbit in the Post-Dispatch about Tommy Saunders noticing some ticks in T.J. Moe's route-running. That solves the entire offense, right??

  • Game Week Football Fan Primer - Mizzou vs. Kentucky
    KC Star: Frustrated Yost works to get MU's offense in gear
    Post-Dispatch: Little things matter to T.J. Moe

    His production has been a victim of numerous factors, including changes at quarterback, injuries on the line and tougher defenses in the Southeastern Conference.

    But one thing that receivers coach Andy Hill doesn't believe has been a factor is Moe's work ethic and demeanor.

    "He comes every day ready to go," Hill said. "Everyone knows he's serious about playing football. Every decision he makes pretty much in his life is about 'Is this going to help me?' But he's the same guy all the time, which is what you want. You want consistency out of your players." [...]

    His preparation got off to a slow start when he missed much of preseason camp with a hamstring injury that kept him out of contact drills for several weeks. He missed the team's first two scrimmages and eased himself back into action.

    That allowed Moe to enter the regular season healthy, and he had 17 catches after three games. But the production has slowed in the SEC with two receptions in each of the last three league games.

    Offensive coordinator David Yost said Moe's decreased production has much to do with the quarterback. Blaine Gabbert's strength was the inside routes and Moe thrived. James Franklin, Yost said, is more of a distributor. Now, Moe and other receivers are having to adjust to backup Corbin Berkstresser.

    "He's progressed as a receiver," Yost said. "He's a much better route runner than when he got here. He blocks. He's tough. Getting him the ball is something we need to do more, but we have to execute to get that done in a multitude of ways."

  • Sheldon
    Post-Dispatch: Sheldon Richardson surges on Kiper's 'Big Board'
  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Following the Future

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • (Pre)Season Starts Monday SEC Media Day Quotes: Frank Haith

    On the Big 12's and SEC's difference in culture and style of play:
    "You know, one thing I've done is this summer, I started watching tape of the SEC. One thing that really stands out is the athleticism in this league. It's a very athletic league. I also think they play a style, in terms of tempo defensively, that's a little different than the Big 12 there's more pressing, there's more aggressive play, and extending your defense in this league than there was in the Big 12. That's something we've got to get used to."

    On impact transfers:
    "When we got the job, we didn't have any freshman class. We only had one kid in the sophomore class, and that was Phil. The time when we got the job, we couldn't sign quality enough high school kids I thought could come help us compete at the level we were playing. We were fortunate enough to get a couple of transfers to help us balance our classes out. I don't like those large classes like we had with 7 seniors. We were able to balance our classes out and we started with Earnest Ross and Keion Bell at that time and brought them on board and both are doing very well. Keion played in this league before, excuse me, Earnest, at Auburn, very talented player, he's Auburn's leading scorer and leading rebounder. And then we signed Keion Bell who scored over 1300 points at Pepperdine, very athletic. At Mizzou Madness, he jumped over 7 players, or 6 players! He's very gifted athletically. We were fortunate enough to get Jabari Brown, a five-star kid, a transfer from Auburn. All three of those guys are going to have impact with our team, and Jabari will be eligible in December [to play]. But then, we got a Christmas present with Alex Oriakhi. We weren't expecting that one, from UConn, very late in the year, after season. All of these guys will have impact with our team, for sure."

    The Missourian: Laurence Bowers is recovered, ready to start another season with Tigers
    KC Star: Missouri's Haith has high hopes for encore season
    KC Star: Arkansas, MU share similarities in year two under Anderson
    College Basketball Talk: 2012-13 Preview: Top 15 Backcourts
  • SEC
    KC Star: A team-by-team look at Southeastern Conference basketball
  • 2013 Recruiting Basketball Recruiting - UK stays on top, Mizzou makes move
  • Top 25
    The Trib (Steve Walentik): ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Recruiting Baseball Recruiting Class Ranked 24th by Baseball America

Other Mizzou Links

There's a ton going on in the "other sports" category right now ... Mizzou Soccer played well but extended a losing streak ... Jace Long is doing very well in his quest for a PGA Tour card ... Mizzou Wrestling has somebody ranked in basically every class and is seventh overall ... and apparently Mizzou athletes are still good at the book-learnin'.

  • The Trib (Ross Dellenger): Soccer loses; Jace Long leads
  • Smart Kids Missouri Fares Very Well in New NCAA Academic Report

    The overall GSR standings for SEC schools includes: 1. Vanderbilt (91%), 2. Alabama (85%), 3. Mizzou (84%), 4. Florida (82%), 5. Georgia (81%), 6. Mississippi State (80%), 6. LSU (80%), 8. Kentucky (79%), 9. South Carolina (78%), 10. Ole Miss (76%), 11. Texas A&M (74%), 12. Auburn (74%), 13. Tennessee (73%), 14. Arkansas (72%).

    Specific GSR rates/SEC rankings for each of Mizzou’s sports include:

    Baseball – 71% (6th)
    Men’s Basketball – 67% (5th)
    Women’s Basketball – 92% (8th)
    Football – 73% (5th)
    Men’s Golf – 100% (1st)
    Women’s Golf – 100% (1st)
    Gymnastics – 91% (6th)
    Soccer – 92% (4th)
    Softball – 95% (5th)
    Men’s Swimming/Diving – 89% (4th)
    Women’s Swimming/Diving – 100% (1st)
    Tennis – 100% (1st)
    Men’s Track/Field – 88% (3rd)
    Women’s Track/Field – 88% (7th)
    Volleyball – 77% (12th)
    Wrestling – 67% (1st)

    KC Star: KU, Mizzou athletics improve NCAA graduation rates
  • Mizzou Soccer No. 13 Texas A&M Defeats No. 24 Mizzou in OT, 2-1
    KBIA Sports: Mizzou soccer falls to A&M on the road
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Mizzou's Jace Long Leads PGA Tour First Qualifying Stage Event
  • MIzzou Wrestling Mizzou Wrestling Ranked Seventh Nationally
    The Open Mat: AWN Preseason Division I College Wrestling Rankings
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball SEC Media Day Quotes: Robin Pingeton
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Tigers Host Arkansas, Kentucky and SIU Friday


  • Dessert Pizza: Yay Or Nay?
    Serious Eats: A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza