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Mizzou Links, 10-29-12

Brady Deaton's legacy has changed, Sean Weatherspoon is carted off the field, Max Scherzer battles, and Mizzou Basketball starts tonight.

Christian Petersen

Mizzou Football Links

Dave Matter did a lovely job on the Brady Deaton profile below. His legacy has certainly changed over the past 12 months.

  • This Week
    The Trib: Early kickoff for Tigers-Gators
    Post-Dispatch: Missouri will face a hungry Florida team next
  • The Chancellor
    The Trib: Embracing legacy tied to SEC

    The turning point came, Deaton said, when Oklahoma President David Boren said on Sept. 2 that OU would explore other conferences, leading to reports that OU, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech were negotiating with the Pac-12.

    "Up until that point," Deaton said, "we were working ourselves to death to make sure the Big 12 thrived."

    Missouri's point of no return seemed to occur Sept. 22, when Deaton and Boren held dueling press conferences on their respective campuses, both offering different versions of a conference call the Big 12 leaders had earlier that day. Deaton said he and Boren have since shared laughs over that night's chaos.

    "Frankly," Deaton said, "that imprecision of things was something we're very happy not to be dealing with now." […]

    With more exposure to states in the Southeast, Deaton believes MU can also expand its reach and prestige in its other academic and economic ventures. In February, MU will be part of the inaugural SEC Symposium, where campus leaders will meet in Atlanta to discuss the Southeast's impact on renewable energy.

    New conference, new football, new ideas.

    A new legacy for Deaton? That much, he acknowledges.

    "I don't want to shy away from that at all," he said. "That was a very important decision for Missouri. Had we stayed in the Big 12, that would have been an important decision for the university as well. … We were assessing the future very carefully then and as thoroughly as one can under the circumstances. This is the step we chose to make."

  • Spoon
    SB Nation: Sean Weatherspoon injury: Falcons LB carted off in 4th quarter vs. Eagles
    The Falcoholic: Weatherspoon Carted Off With Injury
  • Gabs Blaine Gabbert takes big step forward
    Big Cat Country: Career-best game from Blaine Gabbert not enough in 24-15 loss
    Big Cat Country: Gabbert Attempts To Build Momentum, Keep Job

Mizzou Basketball Links

It's already time for a basketball live thread tonight? Are we sure about that?

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Granted, the Tigers lost, and he didn't get his ring, but Max Scherzer looked perfectly solid in Game 4. It would certainly have been nice to be reminded that having a Mizzou presence on your team doesn't automatically prevent you from winning a ring...

Other Mizzou Links

Oy. It's been a bad, bad couple of weeks for Mizzou Volleyball, which battled in the first set against Arkansas yesterday then got absolutely slaughtered in the final two. Losing two players from your rotation in the middle of the season doesn't do you many favors, huh?

  • Mizzou Volleyball Mizzou Falls at Arkansas, 3-0
    The Missourian: Missouri volleyball swept at Arkansas
  • Mizzou Golf Jace Long Wins First Qualifying Stage At PGA Tour Q-School
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving Mizzou Men Sweep Kentucky & SIU Women Defeat Kentucky & SIU, Fall to Arkansas


  • This. Changes. Everything.
    Foodbeast: Make This Red Velvet Hot Cocoa with Cream Cheese Whip Cream