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Mizzou Links, 10-8-12

Two more offensive players are out a while, and Alabama is coming to town. But hey, Mizzou Soccer is tied for the SEC lead.

Bill Carter

Mizzou Football Links

Yes, I actually waded through the Mizzou folder on my ridiculously inflated Google Reader this morning. Yes, I'm actually sharing some links (unlike yesterday). The things I do for you...

  • Last Week
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Gary Pinkel
    The Trib: Bud Sasser stands out with big TD catch in ugly loss for MU
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: Humbled at Home

    1. The offense is a complete mess. The two players who touch the ball on every play will be out for a few weeks as Franklin and center Mitch Morse both suffered strained knee ligaments. Berkstresser later admitted he struggled with nerves, and it showed the way he littered Faurot Field with incomplete passes. Kendial Lawrence gave the offense an occasional lift with 92 rushing yards on a career-high 21 carries, but the Tigers found themselves in too many throwing situations on third down, rendering Lawrence less useful. Nineteen third downs for Missouri. You can't function against an average defense when you're facing that many third downs. Berkstresser had time to get off passes, but this team is not equipped to pass protect on so many obvious passing downs. Vanderbilt is a pressure defense that blitzes liberally, and when the Tigers absolutely needed a completion on their final drive, Vanderbilt brought heat that MU couldn't handle. The receivers don't escape criticism either. Too many drops on a night when the supporting cast couldn't afford mistakes working with a young QB. […]

    4. The paint in the Missouri locker room might need a new coat after some postgame peeling. The wall between the locker room and the postgame interview room isn't thick enough to conceal the booming voice that filled an otherwise silent locker room. Lots has been made of the tirade, which was briefly captured on the radio during Pinkel's postgame interview. I couldn't make out all of what was said. Lots of words that start with F. Something about, "We're better than that." And one very clear, "No, I won't shut my" you know what "mouth." Sheldon Richardson's name was mentioned by some reporters as the source of the outburst. Players I talked to wouldn't reveal the screamer. "I'm not going to talk about that, man," receiver Bud Sasser said. "That's just emotions being high. It's not arguing or anything. It's guys trying to get us going, keep us together. We're a team here, and we know it takes a team effort. We've got make sure we do our parts." Regardless who said what, it would only be natural for some frustration to simmer between the offense and defense. Missouri held Vanderbilt to 100 fewer yards than Vanderbilt held Missouri. The Tigers made stops on 11 of 16 third downs and made 11.5 tackles behind the line of scrimmage. On its first 10 possessions, Vandy managed just 101 yards on 40 plays. Only one of those possessions gained more than 10 yards. The defense eventually broke down — while missing its leading tackler in hobbled linebacker Will Ebner — but the offense couldn't capitalize on all the stops and favorable field position. Missouri is 27th nationally in total defense — better than USC, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nebraska, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Oregon and Texas. And only has a .500 record to show for it.

    KC Star: Frustration builds as Mizzou opens SEC play 0-3
    PowerMizzou: No easy answers
    PowerMizzou: Sunday Grade Card
    Fox Sports MW: Mizzou loss shows Franklin's worth
    PowerMizzou: The Sideline View
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri fans tailgate before Vanderbilt game
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: The fans and the scene as Missouri faces Vanderbilt
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Vanderbilt defeats Missouri, 19-15
  • This Week
    Post-Dispatch: Alabama defense will be tough challenge for Mizzou (um, you think?)
  • Truman (Somebody's Totally Going To Do This And Write About It For Rock M ... RIGHT??) 2013 Truman Tryout Information

Mizzou Soccer Links

Your current SEC standings:

1. Missouri (7-1, 12-2)
1. Florida (7-1, 10-3-1)
3. Texas A&M (6-1-1, 12-2-1)
4. Tennessee (5-2-1, 10-3-2)
5. Auburn (4-4, 8-7)
5. Vanderbilt (2-2-4, 5-5-5)
7. Kentucky (3-4-1, 8-5-1)
7. Arkansas (3-4-1, 6-7-1)
9. Ole Miss (3-5, 10-5)
10. Alabama (2-4-2, 7-5-2)
10. LSU (2-4-2, 6-5-4)
10. Georgia (2-4-2, 6-7-2)
13. South Carolina (1-4-3, 4-6-4)
14. Mississippi State (0-7-1, 7-7-1)

Mizzou heads to Gainesville on Friday night for the biggest game of the season.

  • Mizzou 2, Kentucky 1 (OT) No. 16 Mizzou Notches 2-1 Overtime Win Over Kentucky
    The Trib: Without top scorer, Tigers topple Cats
    The Trib: Diggs' two goals lift Tigers to overtime win
    The Missourian: Missouri beats Kentucky 2-1 in overtime
    KBIA Sports: Missouri Soccer escapes Kentucky
  • Mizzou 2, Mississippi State 0 No. 16 Mizzou Ousts Mississippi State, 2-0
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Bryan Blitz
    Mizzou Network: Mizzou Soccer Highlight Reel
    The Trib: Missouri beats MSU 2-0, moves into SEC lead (Volleyball wins too)
    The Missourian: Missouri's Taiwo Adeshigbin fights off flu, Mississippi State
    KBIA Sports: Missouri keeps rolling, shuts out Mississippi State
  • The Trib: Former rivals find common ground on MU soccer team

Mizzou Volleyball Links

Solid response by the Fightin' Kreklows this week, both in forcing five sets in Knoxville after getting blown off the court in Game 1, and in responding with a win over Alabama.

  • Tennessee 3, Mizzou 2 Volleyball Drops Wild Five-Setter at Tennessee
  • Mizzou 3, Alabama 1 Volleyball Rebounds with Win at Alabama

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Chelsea Thomas and Bailey Erwin didn't pitch, so a loss really doesn't mean anything in fall softball games, but ... yuck, you still don't really want to lose to Jefferson College. But hey, whatever gives Coach Stubble some fire for the rest of the offseason...

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Cross Country Mizzou Opens Season With Show-Me Showdown Win
    The Missourian: Missouri swimming wins Show-Me Showdown
  • Mizzou Tennis Mizzou Closes Play at Razorback Classic

Other Food

So the wife and I have been fans of Pioneer Woman's food for quite a while, but since her emergence on Food Network and her grooming to become Paula Deen II, I'm not sure what to think. Love the recipes, hate the brand, I guess. You?