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Mizzou at Tennessee: Second Half Live Thread

Tennessee somehow leads by just 14 points, 21-7.


The Missouri offensive line, in its sixth combination of the year, is making the Tennessee defensive line look like the Alabama defensive line (easily the line's worst performance since Arizona State). E.J. Gaines is getting his lunch eaten by Justin Hunter. Tennessee running backs are running through arm tackles. L'Damian Washington is dropping deep balls. Dorial Green-Beckham is letting deep balls come to him instead of going up and getting them (resulting in an interception). James Franklin is running like an old man and throwing like he just hurt his shoulder last week. The Tennessee offensive line is looking as good as I feared. And Tyler Bray's jersey is perfectly clean. Three plays are all that stand between Tennessee and a 30-point lead. Good times.

(And not that it mattered, but that was possibly the worst pass interference no-call I've ever seen. My goodness.)