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Mizzou Links, 11-19-12

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Bill Carter

Mizzou Football Links

I think this weekend clinched it: Mizzou fans have officially been more awful, ridiculous and bitterly stupid toward James Franklin than they were toward Blaine Gabbert. Congrats, everybody!

  • :-( Missouri Falls to Syracuse, 31-27 Post-Game Notes Post-Game Quotes
    The Trib: Missouri's bowl hopes take hit with loss
    The Trib: Tigers have no answer for Orange receiver
    The Trib: Tigers say goodbye with shrug
    The Trib: GAME NOTES: Syracuse 31, Missouri 27
    The Trib: PHOTO: So hard to say goodbye
    The Trib: PHOTO: Tough loss
    The Missourian: Final drive lifts Syracuse above Missouri on Senior Day
    The Missourian: Despite good start, pace slows for Missouri offense
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Tigers' seniors recognized at Missouri-Syracuse game
    The Missourian: PHOTO GALLERY: Syracuse defeats Missouri at Memorial Stadium
    KC Star: Missouri notebook
    Post-Dispatch: Syracuse rallies to beat Mizzou
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's bowl bid takes late hit
    Post-Dispatch (Burwell): Mizzou's defeat is utterly shocking
    PowerMizzou: Flat-lined at Faurot
    PowerMizzou: Game at a Glance
    PowerMizzou: Mixed Reaction
    PowerMizzou: Sunday Grade Card
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Week 11 Post-Game
    PowerMizzou: PHOTO: The Sideline View
    We Are Mizzou: 2012 Mizzou Football Seniors
  • The Next Day
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: Orange Crush

    2. If you're among the infants in Missouri's fan base ripping Franklin for not playing after taking a shot to the head, put down the comic book and whatever illegal substance you're inhaling and do some research on football head injuries. Better yet, spend about an hour on The New York Times' award-winning coverage on this very topic. You can educate yourself right here.

    Here are the facts. After having what was statistically the best passing performance of his career, Franklin took a shot to the head on a third-and-1 rushing attempt in the fourth quarter. He was slow to get up off the field. The training staff met with him and could instantly tell he was woozy. I was later told the medical staff sensed that "James was just not himself on the sideline." His helmet was taken away and the medical staff decided he was done playing. The trainers did not officially rule it a concussion during the game but there was enough evidence that they decided he wouldn't return.

    It was widely reported that he had taken a shot to the head. Pinkel didn't articulate the situation very well, saying only that Franklin "got dinged." Still, with all we now know about head injuries in football and the risks they present both in the short term and long term, there are still fans criticizing Franklin on Twitter for not finishing the game. That's downright shameful.

    This is beside the point, but before he left the game, Franklin was carving through the Orange. His completion percentage (73.9) and quarterback rating (204.5) were both single-game career bests in the 21 games he's started at Missouri. He held onto the ball too long on a couple of his four sacks, and the pass protection broke down at other times. Missouri's inability to convert short-yardage plays doomed a few drives. That's nothing new. But if that was indeed Franklin's last start of the season, it was easily his best passing performance of his career.

    "He was playing pretty good," Pinkel said. "He really was. We still have our problems on offense. They've been for weeks. … That’s hurt us for a long, long time. We've been trying to fix that as best we can."

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Following the Future
  • It Was Danario, Therefore It Was A Great Call
    Shutdown Corner: Ruling on Danario Alexander touchdown doesn't make any sense VIDEO: Rivers and Alexander Connect Again (here's the controversial TD) VIDEO: Danario Alexander 8-Yard TD (this one was not controversial)

I was also going to include a couple of Jaguars highlights, but is perhaps the least user-friendly site I have ever encountered -- every click results in a 30-second ad, and half of the time when I click on a specific highlight, nothing happens -- so you are spared watching Blaine Gabbert get hurt. Ugh. It is an absolutely infuriating site. The NFL really is ridiculously popular despite itself.

Other Football Links

  • Tennessee Fires Derek Dooley
    John Clay: Charlie Strong on early list of Tennessee possibiles Vols must fill job quickly, hit recruiting trail
  • Funny How It Always Works Out This Way (Stewart Mandel): SEC in control of BCS fate after losses to Oregon, Kansas State
  • Just, Uh, So You Know
    USA Today: Study: College football coaching changes are overrated

Mizzou Basketball Links

I'll include Nicholls State links in the Nicholls State Study Hall post today ... just to tamp down the ridiculous length of this post.

  • Atlantis
    PowerMizzou: Atlantis Preview: UNI
    PowerMizzou: Atlantis Preview: Louisville
  • Cool
    The Trib: Chievous, Smith inducted into Missouri Sports Hall of Fame


Mizzou Volleyball Links

  • Texas A&M 3, Mizzou 1 Mizzou Falls in Four at Texas A&M
    The Missourian: Missouri falls on the road to Texas A&M
  • Mizzou 3, Mississippi State 0 Mizzou Sweeps Mississippi State, 3-0
  • The Trib: MU freshman Ely at home with Tigers

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • SEC SEC Fan's Guide to Mizzou Baseball: Simmons Field Weather

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling Tigers Take Home Five Titles at Joe Parisi Open
  • Mizzou Cross Country Storms Races to New Personal Record at NCAA National Championship
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Word of the Week: Momentum