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Rock M Nation BlogPoll, Week 12: Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

Chaos. Panic. And suddenly, the SEC is back in the game. Funny, no?

Jonathan Daniel

Who doesn't love a little bit of chaos?

Who doesn't mind seeing not only number one, but number two in the BCS standings fall down and go boom?

Sorry. A lingering bit of bitterness from 2007 coupled with the raging oil spill that this season has been has left me feeling pretty damn cynical right now.

But there is some pleasure in watching the world burn:

Congrats, Notre Dame. You get to carry the mantle of number one all the way to Los Angeles to face a USC team that is licking their wounds after getting beaten by their archrival and is without their four-year starter at quarterback. Should be a walkover, right? Right?