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Mizzou Links, 11-21-12

Mizzou (at least temporarily) loses a four-star recruit, A&M thinks James Franklin will play, and Mizzou Hoops heads to the Bahamas.


Mizzou Football Links

I ran out of time yesterday to write a post specifically about it, but here are a few thoughts on Nick Ramirez's decommitment. The Lee's Summit West linebacker decided that he wants to take other visits, and per his coach (and Evan Boehm's dad), you must decommit before doing so. So now Mizzou will battle it out with Kansas State, Purdue and others for his re-commitment.

1. When you have bad seasons, this is what happens. It's just a fact of life, and as a coaching staff all you can hope to do it mitigate damages. As a recruit, if you are committed to a school that is struggling, coaches from every other school in the country will call you up and ask "if you really want to play for a team that is clearly falling apart," and after a while it might wear on you. And eventually you might indeed decide that it is in your best interests to look elsewhere.

2. I'm still pretty confident about landing Ramirez. He is a former teammate of Evan Boehm, who did pull this "decommit to take visits" routine last year. He is still close with Boehm and quite a few members of this recruiting class (who are still committed at this time), and when he takes his official visit to Missouri he will be reminded of the "family" he was intending to join. But it would be silly to say there isn't a draw in some of the other programs he's also looking at now.

3. We'll see. Linebacker is not currently a position of extreme need for Missouri, but Ramirez is by all accounts very good, and it would be a shame to lose him in the end. But if he does end up somewhere else, and if Mizzou does lose one or two more current commits, realize this: the 2005 Missouri recruiting class was one of Missouri's worst-rated and most successful. Headliner Chris Brooks decommitted from Missouri and ended up at Nebraska, and Mizzou not only signed no four-star high schoolers but also signed only one 5.7 three-star (the highest rating for a three-star). But Chase Daniel, Chase Coffman, Brock Christopher, Jaron Baston, Kurtis Gregory, and Ziggy Hood still signed, and Mizzou still won 7, 8, 12, and 10 games over the next four years. You'd prefer to just sign the most highly-rated kids possible, but you also have to sign the right kids. And we won't know who are the right kids for another couple of years, at least.

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