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Syracuse 31, Mizzou 27: Your other Bill Carter photo gallery

Syracuse still won, but...

In times of trial, you reveal yourself as either an optimist or pessimist. In this, easily the most disappointing loss of the season for Mizzou (you could blame Vandy on injuries ... you really couldn't with this one), I look at this photo gallery, and all I can think of is how much fun the 2013 Missouri offense could be. There's Jimmie Hunt, dancing around tackler after tackler (all he does is score touchdowns). There's Dorial Green-Beckham, almost slowing down to make a move on a defender halfway through his 70-yard touchdown catch-and-run, then realizing he didn't have to because he was much faster than said defender. There's L'Damian Washington, making plays downfield for seemingly the first time since September. There's Marcus Lucas, with the ball landing in his hands. There's Evan Boehm, the future anchor of a much better offensive line. There's James Franklin plowing forward, and there's Corbin Berkstresser, looking much, much more stable and effective when pressed into duty.

Mizzou lost. I know, I was there. I know there are some serious depth issues at both defensive tackle (where Mizzou could not adapt in Sheldon Richardson's absence, which is bad considering he's not going to be here in 2013) and cornerback (where Mizzou didn't have another warm body to throw out at the No. 3 spot, and where Mizzou is losing its No. 2 to graduation). Perhaps more than any game this season, Saturday night's loss showed all of Mizzou's potential upside and all of its flaws. You can either focus on the former or the latter, and despite the scoreboard, I just can't help but choose the former. It's a character flaw of mine.