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Mizzou Links, 12-11-12

Frank Haith throws the starting lineup into the air, Kendial God Lawrence is MVP, fun old footage is fun, and texting recruits is scary.


Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Media Day
    The Trib: Jabari Brown expects to be cleared, could start

    Missouri Coach Frank Haith is expecting Brown to play and possibly start when the Tigers (8-1) take on SC State. Haith had previously said Brown would not start in his first game, but the coach seemed to backpedal on that Monday.

    "I know I said definitely would not start him so I want to make sure you guys don't think I'm lying to you," Haith said. "I don't know yet what we will do. I want it to be a competitive week. We get to bring it back to first day of practice this week. All bets are off. Let's go compete for playing time. Got a lot of options - Stefan and Jabari, Earnest, Negus, a lot of guys."

    Brown, a former five-star prospect, played just two games at Oregon last season before transferring to Missouri in January. He would not discuss the reasons behind the transfer, saying "I've kind of like closed that chapter."

    The Missourian: Still one area Bowers can improve for Missouri: leadership
    Post-Dispatch: Haith on lineup: 'All bets are off'
    Post-Dispatch: Bowers powers back to new heights for Mizzou
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Hoops Media Day
  • Polls
    The Missourian: Missouri stays at No. 12 in AP Rankings

Mizzou Football Links

  • Congrats, Kendial God Lawrence Kendial Lawrence Named Football MVP
  • 2013 Recruiting
    The Trib: Tigers pick up help for defensive line
    PowerMizzou: Decision looms for [TX tight end Jason] Reese
  • Mizzou: Top 25 College football regular-season attendance dips to lowest average since 2003
  • Somebody's Evidently Uploading Some Old Highlight Packages...
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou vs. Kansas 2007
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Cotton Bowl 2008

Other Football Links

  • BCS Title Game Alabama-Notre Dame: Epic 1973 Sugar Bowl lived up to its billing (Part I)
  • 2013
    Matt Sarz: Setting up CFB 2013

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Texting
    The Trib: Coaches split on possible change to texting rules


  • MGD Was My "I'm Tired Of Bud Light" Cheap Beer Of Choice ... What Was Yours?
    Yahoo! Finance: Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink
  • Bourdain
    The Braiser: VIDEO: Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Discuss Chocolate Bar