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Mizzou Links, 12-14-12

The Bad Season Checklist strikes again, the basketball bye week is almost over, and the Grapple at the Garden sounds pretty awesome.

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Ronald Martinez

Mizzou Football Links

So that's that then. I was hoping that Nick Ramirez's decommitment from a while ago was more like an Evan Boehm "I just want to make sure Mizzou is the one for me" situation, but it appears it wasn't. Chalk another one up to the Bad Season Checklist. Mizzou really is facing another 2005 situation, where recruiting begins to slow down and the negative public sentiment around the program increases dramatically. He and his staff buckled down and brought the program back, and with "worse" recruits, no less. Here's the 2005 class. One high three-star (Chase Daniel), two middle three-stars (Dain Wise and Chase Coffman), and a huge batch of low threes and twos. Among the low-threes: Jaron Baston, Brock Christopher, Kurtis Gregory and "Evander" Hood.

Eight years later, the Bad Season Checklist is striking again; we'll see if Mizzou can rebound just the same. They proved it can happen, but it's pretty damn hard.

  • O.C.
    PowerMizzou: Resetting the OC Search
  • Other 2013 Recruiting
    The Trib (Dave Matter): QB recruit not sweating staff uncertainty

    [Eddie] Printz, who pledged his commitment to Missouri while visiting campus the weekend of the Alabama game, will enroll a semester early and is scheduled to move into the MU dorms on Jan. 7.

    Until then, the biggest mystery is the identity of Missouri's next offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. David Yost, who took on both roles for the Tigers, announced his resignation on Dec. 3. Pinkel didn't indicate during Thursday's visit that he's decided on a replacement, but Printz isn't worried about the situation.

    "I know he's the right man," Printz said of Pinkel. "He's produced good quarterbacks. He knows what it takes. I know he's going to choose the right guy, whether it's from the current staff or from outside.

    "He talked to me about Coach Yost's decision. It was what Coach Yost wanted. I feel like he took a little too much of the … they didn't have as successful a season as they wanted, and he took a little too much of that on his shoulders. His thoughts are his thoughts, and I respect him, but we just talked about all that."

  • QB No. 1
    KBIA Sports: James Franklin won't let injuries, criticism get him down
  • More Video Dumps!
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Homecoming 2010

Mizzou Basketball Links


  • Okay, So The Big East Won't Dissolve ... But Still, This Is Big...
    USA Today: Big East's Catholic member schools to leave league Sources: Schools debating how to go
    Frank the Tank: Excommunication of the Big East: 7 Catholic Schools Will Split
    VU Hoops: Big East's 7 Catholic Schools will separate: How will they do it?
    Hartford Courant: Big East's Weak Catholic Schools Call The Shots?
    CBS Sports: Tulane booster: It's not our fault Big East basketball schools leaving

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling No. 7 Tigers Head to New York for Inaugural Grapple at the Garden


  • Vote for Brookfield-Marceline!
    USA Today: Vote for the Best Rivalry in the Nation
  • This Came Out Last Week ... How Did I Miss It???
    Vanity Fair: The Oral History of Freaks and Geeks