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RMN Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest: We are off and Running


Sorry for the delay, but with the start/stop/start bowl scheduling, it was bound to happen. I believe we are just about up and running, so hopefully after each bowl game (or set of games), you can expect an update to the standings.

The first Saturday was not really good to us, as Arizona came back from amazing first and second half deficits, but not enough to cover the 6.5. The O/U was a big number at 73, but these two teams almost knocked that out in the first half. Utah St. and the Under was more popular, so thankfully brought us BACK to 43% through the first four selections. Mediocrity at its finest.

Out of 144 entries, we have only five which nailed Day 1. So congrats to Pemal1, Snozberries, threadkiller, tigerdad and Silky J. On the other end, we have 19 who have yet to break into the win column. They shall remain nameless for now.

{Edit - Now with the RESULTS LINK included. Happy searching!}

Up next is BYU/San Diego State, with fairly even splits between the teams and the O/U. Our next chance to gain some ground on .500 will be with UCF and ULaLa in games to come. Until then, Happy Bowl Season!