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RMN Bowl Contest Update – The Quest for Perfection is Done Already


Though the result of BYU and the Under was popular enough that it moved the total group winning percentage from 43% to 46%, it did rob our remaining, perfect entries of that distinction going forward. We now have a group of nine at the top, all tied at 5-1. Congrats to Pemal1, Silky J, jleroyfordsdady, miz_zou, IRONMAN, countrycal, RyanPhillips08, FNU2 and the aptly-named totalloser for sticking to the top of the board for another day.

On the bottom side, still too early to name all the folks who have yet to pick a winner. Just know you have until the end of the weekend to get off the schnide, otherwise I will have no choice but to publically shame you on the Internet, the worst of all punishments.

Speaking of the weekend, one game tonight with UCF against Ball State. It would be a great story if Ball State were to get their first EVER bowl win, but that would not help our contest in the least. We are very solid on UCF (even giving the touchdown) and decently solid on the Under. Two more games on Saturday, where we REALLY want ULaLa to cover 4.5, and we probably want Boise to do the same in their game at 7.5. As always, I can tell you exactly how things need to break to get the contest above water (.500), and then I will come back after the games to tell you how badly it all went.

As for the spreadsheet, I believe I have fixed some formatting issues and added some conditional pieces as requested below.

Happy Bowl Watching!