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RMN Bowl Pick ‘Em Contest – It Really is Just that Easy


Just like I said yesterday, we were very solid on UCF and decently solid on the Under. And while UCF jumped out to a big, early lead, the fun/heartburn was in the Over/Under (60). UCF tacked on a field goal in the fourth to make it 38-10, but Ball State played pridefully (not a word) and drove the field for a touchdown with 5:30 to go. With the total points now at 55 and after a strange kickoff that Ball State came a little close to recovering, UCF managed to kill the rest of the clock without scoring to give us the picks we needed. And with that, we go from 46% to 53%. It really is just that easy.

At the top of the board, the logjam in the lead has abated just a little, but we still have a good stack of names. Pemal1, Silky J, IRONMAN, countrycal and RyanPhillips08 earned the sweep on the game and sit at 7-1. At the other end of the board, everyone is off the schnide! Not naming people went so well, we are going to still not name the two people tied for the bottom until after the two games tomorrow. Why mess with a winning formula?

Speaking of the games tomorrow, and as I mentioned yesterday, ULaLa is a BIG time pick for us. Win that, and we are on our way. Heck, we may even make another dent in the all-time winning percentage, which now sits at 49.5%, just under 300 games under .500. The Under is decently solid, as is Boise State over UW with the Over.

From a spreadsheet standpoint, I was able to make some upgrades. I got it converted to a google doc, so no longer were you looking at snapshots of the sheet. I also was able to integrate the request of formatting the cells to show which were selected correctly. As always, please feel free to make suggestions that are not too hard to do.

Happy Braggin Rights Day!