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2012 in review: April is all about diamond sports, recruiting, new jerseys and football injuries.

Mizzou reveals its new uniforms, Alex Oriakhi commits, and only three-fourths of Mizzou's football team ends up in the hospital with career-ending injuries.


April 1. In softball, the #12 Missouri Tigers complete the sweep of the Lady Bears from Baylor 7-0. Five ladies had RBIs, and thats all it took to help out some hurler named Chelsea Thomas. The men's baseball team was also in action but lost a heart breaker and series finale at aTm. Those damn dirty Aggies won on a walk off single in the ninth, which has to just about be the most Aggie thing that has ever happened.

April 3. The football team returns for more spring practice. They are already down a few players from injuries suffered the previous year. Little do they know that 7/8ths of the players on the field at any given time are about to lose every ligament in their bodies to the ghosts of Faurot Field.

We also find out that a certain big man is indeed interested in our fair university:

I think that decision has turned out pretty well for both parties so far. We also get a bit more info on future SEC football scheduling. Interesting that 8 months later we still aren't completely certain on just what our schedule may look like going forward.

April 5. The football team somehow made it through the first few days of spring practice with only minor injuries. COTG was apparently just trolling the team at this point, wanting them to feel completely safe before unleashing the all out assault on joints that was to come. Both the softball and baseball teams drop series openers to the Longhorns and Bears respectively.

We also look a bit more at the myth, the man, the legend: Sleepy and some dude named Jon.


April 6-8. And here we go. Mizzou held their first football scrimmage over the weekend, and Corbin Berkstresser looked pretty good, and we found out that Eric Waters had a torn MCL. Some kid name Andy Bauer committed to Mizzou, which we now know isn't in fact a done deal.

The softball team takes down those turds from UT in the 2nd & 3rd games of their series with one huge inning and one stellar pitching performance. The baseball team isn't as lucky as they are swept by Baylor. Olympic sports were also active with Golf, Swimming and Track all having some highlights that I'm just too lazy to post here. Don't get mad at me, OKCtiger.

April 10. Bobby Petrino is fired. Ha. Many many articles were written about this at the time, Arky fans when all Arky fan and made themselves look as stupid as ever over the whole thing. The tigers baseball team rallied past Arkansas Little-Rock 10-5. Oriakhi fever was also nearing its peak as AO was set to make his official visit to Mizzou in just a few days.

April 11. Coach Isaac Chew left the Mizzou program to go home to Illinois. I had completely forgotten about this. I'm writing this before we play the Illinis this weekend, so here's hoping we beat those dirty SOB's good and bad and he regrets his decision. Softball continues their roll as they down UNI 3-1.

April 14-15. What a crazy weekend! The new jerseys are finally revealed, after all the hoopla and craziness, we finally get a chance to check out our new Block slightly off center with a weird hook thing on it M!

This all preceded the spring scrimmage, but I really dont remember anything about the scrimmage itself.

Alex (Cuddy) Oriakhi also committed to Mizzou this weekend. At the time it kind of got lost in the shuffle of everything, but considering how the football season went and his emerging presence in the post for the b-ball team, that may have been the biggest commitment of the year.

The ladies drop a pair of heart breakers to Texas freaking Tech by a total of 3 runs while the baseball team gets run off the diamond in a three-game sweep at the hands of Oklahoma. Who'd have thunk what was upcoming for these guys.

Oh yeah, we also learned that the venerable Mr. Commissioner Dr. Mike Slive, JD, PhD, MD is team cake. /Drops mic.

April 16. The spring practice season is over and only three-fourths of the football team is either in the hospital or the morgue, the rest are hit by the Faurot curse between now and mid October. Also, Ben Askren gets in a war of words with the single most powerful man in MMA, gotta love the funk!

April 17. Mizzou signs a 3-star athlete from Texas! Freaking TEXAS!!! Can you believe that Missouri can still recruit from Texas??? I did have to double check that he was still committed. He is.

April 20-21. The softball team again falls to an inter-conference rival in heartbreaking fashion and just misses out on a series win on the road dropping 2 of 3 to Oklahoma. The baseball team however put it on the dirty wildcats from Manhattan, sweeping their 3 game series to stay ahead of the cats in the conference rankings for the upcoming conference tourny!

Dom Bradley fell just short of his Olympic dream in the quarterfinals of the American qualifying tournament. Tough for him but impressive for his age. The swimming and diving team apparently did something silly for fundraising or something...

April 23. Robert Steeples decides to transfer away.

April 24. John L. smith is hired as Arky's interim coach, LOLOLOLOL. This hire worked out sooo well for us I cant even contain my laughter even now.

April 27. Michael Egnew is drafted 78th overall by the Miami Dolphins. The ladies sweep Iowa State on the diamond 3-0 and look to get back on a roll in the conference season. The guys on the other had have a bit tougher time, after bashing out a 7-0 series opening win, the baseball team drop the next 2 and the series.

Welp, thats just about it for this wonderful month of the year. Not too high, not too low, just .....right. Right now is when I'd like to wax poetic about why April is the best month of the year. You've got the Final 4, baseball opening days, spring is springing, spring scrimmages and my birthday. Just remember this in a few months when there isnt that much Mizzou action going on!

Until next time ladies and gents, "you stay classy rock M nation".