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RMN Bowl Contest Update: The bottom line did not have a Merry Christmas


One of the bigger spreads of the Bowl Season, with Fresno giving 11.5, sneaked up and bit a good percentage of the RMN participants. This game was never close, as SMU scored early and often on their way to an easy, 30 point win. They kept the combined score on the short side of the line, giving us an even worse outcome on the whole. The contest is still sitting above the .500 line at just under 52%, but it was still a bit of a Christmas Eve massacre.

Speaking of the same, Pemal1 has to feel like they received some coal in their stocking, as they swung and missed on this one. That led to the gap closing very quickly, as the leaderboard is now 5-deep. Please welcome Alabamamixedmarriage, blackfin, aseidt and Jandregardner to the fray with an 11-3 record. And who is among a pack of six just a game back? That would be MU 1839, the all-time picks leader.

One game today, and then we get into the REALLY silly season. The contest appears to favor WKU covering the near-TD, but keeping it under 57 with CMU. We shall see. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the full table to see how Santa treated you.

Hope you had some happy Egg Nogging!