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RMN Bowl Contest Update: Now THAT is how you answer.

Mark A. Cunningham

Pemal1 had started off so hot, winning 11 of the first 12. But one bad game (The Hawaii Bowl) and all of a sudden, the field caught up. But thanks to a gritty effort by CMU and a strange call by WKU at the end of the game, they have bounced right back. The sweep of CMU and the Under give them a 13-3 record and put them back ahead of the pack by a game. That pack (sitting at an impressive 12-4) features aseidt, Jandregardner, FNU2 and Snozberries. At the other end of the pool, we have ELEVEN people at 5-11. Time will separate the pack more, that is for sure.

As a group, we have scuttled a bit of late. We are still over .500, but lost more ground with this game and now we are just over 51%. All time, we are exactly 300 picks under .500. Does not seem like much when you consider it is out of over 30,000 picks, but we have never been able to make it up.

The bowl deluge officially begins tomorrow with three games. The group likes San Jose State to cover their 7.5 in the Military Bowl, but we also like a low-scoring game (under 49.5). We LOVE Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl against Duke, even though we are giving up 11 points. It is another game where we seem to prefer the low-scoring, as the O/U is 56.5. Finally, what should be a wild Holiday Bowl, the contest favors Baylor by a single point fairly strong, while we also expect a high-scoring affair (over 74).

Start your morning off with a look at the full list as always. The madness starts today, and by the time we get to next Tuesday, there will have been 21 games. Who makes a move? Who falls by the wayside? Who knows?