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RMN Bowl Contest Update: covers....Covers....COVERS!!!!

Streeter Lecka

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like yesterday. Three games and three increasingly ridiculous covers that really put their stamp on our contest and the standings. In the early game, a blocked punt through the end zone for a safety complicates matters in the 3rd quarter between San Jose and Bowling Green, leading to the Spartans salting the game away with a TD with less than three minutes to go to go up by nine and cover the 7.5. Then, in an absolutely entertaining Belk Bowl, Cincy and Duke exchange BIG point swings. Duke scores the first 16, Cincy the next 27, Duke the following 14. After a Cincy TD and a Duke FG in the 4th, we are tied at 34 and there is no way Cincy covers the 11.5, and they are in obvious danger of losing the game outright. A TD with :44 left gives them the TD lead, but then a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage turns into a pick-6 with :14 to go, giving them an amazing cover. To the night cap, where Baylor put away UCLA early (especially considering the 1 point they were getting). But, the O/U was high at 74 points. The entire 2nd half is garbage time, but Brett Hundley throws a TD pass with NO TIME on the clock to make it 49-26, giving the Over the last push it needed. Great stuff.

So what did that do to the top of the board? Gave us a big, ol’ logjam is what it did. Six are tied at 16-6, with IRONMAN, MIZZOUfaninAZ, Alabamamixedmarriage, Silky J, MizzouThrill and SleepyFloyd7 all going 5-1 yesterday. Additional props go out to @sblad and MissouriMarine who went a perfect 6-0 to climb quickly to just one game back. At the opposite end of the spectrum, our fight for the Bottom of the Barrel is coming into more focus, as pennypup, MizzouTgr11 and tntkt7 each sit at 7-15 with a decent sized group at 8 wins just above them.

As a group, yesterday did help, especially the Cincy game. We now sit close to 200 picks above .500 at 52.75%. The gap is also closing on .500 with the all-time picks, as yesterday’s wackiness moved the needle in a good way to 49.7%.

Three more games today before Saturday delivers a 5-pack. UL-M is a very popular pick, even giving up 6 against Ohio with Under 59 looking like it has the plurality. The eye-test does not show a clear-cut favored pick between Rutgers and Va Tech, but Over 43 certainly looks strong. To cap it off, TTech went into the bowl season getting 13 points, and lots of us jumped on that against the Gophers. Will be interesting to see if they can overcome a tumultuous few weeks and a coaching change to help us out. It would also help us out if they scored some points, as Over 57 looks pretty strong as well.

Because I am a dope, here is the link

Enjoy the games!