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RMN Bowl Contest Update: We love us some ties


59 points. Eight touchdowns and a field goal. 45-14. 59 points.

And that is how you have everyone get one right. For one of the few times in our contest history (I am thinking second or third), we had an Over/Under come up exact. I am sure Vegas considers this a push, but we are not that fancy. So when ULM fell to Ohio (that one hurt our winning percentage), everyone received credit for the Over/Under on the game. Kind of an ugly day overall, as great efforts were rewarded (congrats to Shaffe on the perfect day and to Silky J for a well-timed 5-1), but not many did all that well. Texas Tech not covering hurt pretty bad and not many realized that Va Tech and Rutgers were not likely to score without some serious help from the other offense.

At the top of the leaderboard, the aforementioned (used that word in EVERY single paper I wrote in college…seriously) Silky J used that big day to get a one game lead on aseidt with 21 total wins. A few more are a couple back, and that pack includes IRONMAN, SleepyFloyd7, Pemal1 and MU 1839. At the bottom of the barrel, HHKB Chris and sid finch are locked together with 9 wins, with MizzouTgr11 and 85nlmvp just a game better.

BIG day of games today, with five bowls and ten picks, starting at 10:45am central time with Air Force and Rice. The major favorites of the contest include Air Force giving up only 1, West Virginia giving up 3.5 to the ‘Cuse and Oregon State giving up only 1 to Texas. We could use a better day, as even though we had a tie (which ends up resulting in a +144 pick swing), the contest fell back to under 52% on the year, with the all-time back to sitting between 49.6 and 49.7 percent.

As always, or at least when I can remember, you can access the spreadsheet here. Hope not too many of you were tormented throughout your night about the game from yesterday. We do love Good Phlip.