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Sources say Yost's resignation was entirely his own decision.


David Yost resigned from his position as Missouri's offensive coordinator Monday morning. There will always be speculation regarding whether he was forced, or whether he resigned in the face of some forced changes. According to Dave Matter's article on the topic, however, this was entirely of Yost's own volition.

Yost turned in his letter of resignation last week and Pinkel told him to take a week to reconsider, MU senior receiver T.J. Moe told the Tribune.

"It was all his decision," another source close to Yost said. "Pinkel tried hard to get him to stay."

Players were told about Yost's resignation with an automated text message this morning, Moe said. He was stunned by the news.

"To me he's done an excellent job this year," said Moe, citing the offense's many injuries this past season. "He became a better coach this year, especially with the way he deals with players. He was always positive when things got tough." […]

Moe, a co-captain last season, endorsed receivers coach Andy Hill as Yost's replacement. Hill, 50, played receiver at Missouri and has been on the coaching staff since 1996.

"He's an offensive genius," Moe said. "He understands what's going on at Missouri, plus he knows Coach Pinkel and his system. It would be easy transition. He would do a hell of a job."