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RMN Bowl Contest Update – Headed in the Wrong Direction

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Under .500. Once we were above 53%, and now we are four games under .500. So while we head in the wrong direction, I am headed north…as in Detroit. Once slated to go to the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor (thanks NHL), I am off to visit all-time Bowl Contest pick leader MU 1839 and to take in the Great Lakes Invitational tonight, while paying Kimmie a visit the evening of 1/1/13. I will send our collective regards.

What does that mean? I am not sure about my availability for the updates in the coming days. Good thing there are no bowl games tonight, as college football steps off stage briefly for Week 17 of the NFL. That meansSleepyFloyd7 will get at least a full day to enjoy his one game lead atop the standings in front of IRONMAN, Silky J and STEVEYOP. Decent sized crowd behind them at 23 wins, so lots of players still in the game. At the bottom, sid finch has a one game "lead" over HHKB Chris with only a couple of others within shouting distance right now.

As stated earlier, no games today, but Monday and Tuesday are REALLY busy. This may be the final push to determine our winner. Busy yourselves with checking out the updated spreadsheet. I believe the contest REALLY REALLY REALLY needs Vandy and LSU to cover today to earn back from respect.

Happy New Year everyone! Will see you when I see you.