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Mizzou pulls away from Tennessee State with stellar defense, eventual offense

Stefan Jankovic takes full advantage of extended, second-half playing time.


If only you could bottle up second-half performances...

After an absolutely dreadful, sloppy first half, Mizzou unleashed a 45-18 surge in the second half to coast to a 68-38 win over Tennessee State. Mizzou had more turnovers (11) than field goals (10) in the first 20 minutes, pulling off yet another 20-minute stinker, but Frank Haith dusted off Stefan Jankovic, who exploded for 14 points in 16 second-half minutes. A win is a win, and watching the surges sure is fun, but ... it would be fun to at least try to do the "pull away for a huge win" routine in the first half at some point.

Two Tigers finished with double-doubles -- Laurence Bowers (18 & 10) and Alex Oriakhi (15 & 10). Negus Webster-Chan, meanwhile, contributed seven points, eight rebounds and four assists. One day he will have the cheapest, awesomest 10-10-10 triple-double of all-time.