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Mizzou 83, Oklahoma State 65: Mizzou Notches 24th Win In Rout

Mike Dixon and Phil Pressey combined for 24 points on 9-for-10 shooting in the first half, and Ricardo Ratliffe logged his fifth double-double of the season as the Missouri Tigers rolled to a 83-65 victory at Mizzou Arena tonight. The win was Missouri's 24th in 26 games this season; it is the earliest Missouri has ever reached 24 wins, and it is the 101st win for this senior class of Missouri Tigers, an all-time high.

The lead got as high as 80-45 with seven minutes remaining before Oklahoma State made a late run for respectability against the Tigers' walk-ons and football players. Congratulations to Keiton Page for the most useless good stat line of all-time. You should be very proud.