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Mizzou Links, 2-29-12


Happy Leap Day! For grins, I jumped back to see what was in the links post from February 29, 2008. The verdict: not much. Mizzou is preparing for Baylor, DeMarre Carroll is in pain, Jack Meiners likes Mizzou, Lorenzo Williams is preparing for his pro day, and evidently I misspell "smart" in the original. And there are two comments in the thread.

Mizzou Basketball Links

And Mizzou fans can forget Reggie Johnson's name again...

  • This Season Hasn't Sucked
    PowerMizzou: Reconciled by Winning
  • Still Moving On
    The Trib: Loss at KU still lingers
    The Missourian: Haith says Missouri handled loss at Kansas with class
  • ISU Tonight No. 7/8 Mizzou Hosts Iowa State on Senior Night
    The Missourian: Transfers playing big role for both Iowa State and Missouri
    Post-Dispatch: MU turns focus to Iowa State
    KC Star: Missouri seniors prepare for final game in Columbia
  • And That's That
    KC Star: NCAA reinstates center who played for Haith at Miami

Other Basketball Links

  • KSU > ATM
    KC Star: K-State, hot from outside, beats Texas A&M 76-70
  • Championship Week
    SB Nation: NCAA Basketball Championship Week Primer: Who To Watch, Root For And More

Mizzou Football Links

Glad to see the Jaguars are figuring out what we were screaming 12 months ago about Blaine Gabbert's pocket presence.

Other Football Links

Don't really know what to say yet about the Tuberville lawsuit, but ... yikes.


  • Exit Fees
    Big 12 Sports: Terms for Missouri Withdrawal From Big 12 Announced
    Big 12 Sports: Terms for Texas A&M Withdrawal From Big 12 Announced
    The Trib: Big 12 withholding $12.4 million from MU as exit fees
    KC Star: MU, Big 12 settle over move to SEC
    Post-Dispatch: MU to pay Big 12 a $12.41 million exit fee
    Team Speed Kills: Terms for Texas A&M and Missouri Exit From Big 12 Released
    CBS Sports: Big 12 announces settlement with TAMU, Missouri
    College Football Talk: Texas A&M, Missouri will pay $12.4 mil to exit Big 12
  • SEC Tournament
    Post-Dispatch: Alden would like St. Louis to bid for SEC basketball
  • Spring Previews
    PowerMizzou: SEC Spring Preview: Kentucky

Other Mizzou Links


  • Time For The Criminally Underrated Baseball Stars To Finally Receive Its Due Praise
    The Score: The Greatest Sports Games Ever
    SB Nation (Jon Bois): The 'Greatest Sports Video Game' Tournament Bracket